October 17, 2019

My Collection : Vintage Lake View part 1

From Postcards to Photos 
to Everything Else - Part One
This is the first of three post of my personal collection of 'Vintage Lake View'. The other post is
called 'Vintage Wrigley Field'. 
The Township Era Documents
These photos are property tax receipts of a K. Langland from 1871-76. He apparently lived on Wrightwood Avenue when the Lake View was a township 1857-87 and City 1887-89, the southern border was Fullerton Avenue. The last two photos is a 1895 township assessor's notice to a property owner. Homes from the old township/city of Lake View was still assessed by the former township. This taxpayer lived on Damen Avenue. The western border of the old township/city was Western Avenue. Some homes are still have the Lake View name of their Cook County property tax notice. 
1871 and backside of the receipt

 another 1872 receipt 
 1873 City of Lake View

 1895 township assessors notice to taxpaper
The Rocky Waters of the Lake
Belmont Yacht Harbor
open to the public by 1913
Apparently depicting the build-out of the harbor. 
The harbor opened to the public in 1913
about the artist & this lithograph...

not sure this is Belmont Harbor but it does look like the first boat-house, the Carrier

mostly about the club-house
 For decades Belmont Yacht Harbor 
was staging area for the race from Chicago
 Before W.H. 'Big Bill' Thompson was mayor of Chicago he raced from Belmont Harbor. He and his wife lived on Sheridan Road and Belmont Avenue
Bismarck Gardens
to renamed Marigold Gardens

the name change ...


Buildings & Street Scenes

 both postcards south of Grace Street view south

This building, the Lehmann Mansion, 
appears in the previous two postcards.
J.L. Lehmann died in 1900 leaving his heirs $10 million. 
He owned the Fair Department Store once located in the Loop and owned scores of property in old Lake View.

 inner Lake Shore Drive view north near Waveland Avenue
The Stout Mansion
 once located on Barry and Sheridan Road 
 Diversey Golf Course 9  holes
Apartment Hotels

 once located 1/4 of a block east of Broadway on Diversey

this building is still located on Brompton Place 
west of Broadway

The Surf
Park Lane Hotel

a vintage hanger from the Park Lane Apartment Hotel currently called Reside on Surf

Houses of Worship

now called Broadway Methodist Church - this the original building when Broadway was called Evanston Avenue

The Lake View Free Mission Church
on the northwest corner of Kenmore/School Street. 
The building was converted to condos.
 by 1893 there were two buildings - the first building in back and connected with a 'walk bridge'.

 Ravenswood School with a building along Paulina Avenue now a open space for the students
Lake View High School
The building to the left of the photo was replaced - it was the built after a fire destroyed the initial building 
in the late 19th century
 zoomed below
reverse side

 Social Clubs
 now the Lincoln Park Athletic Club - This German-American club was a combination of gym/dining established just after the annexation of the City of Lake View in 1889. The south border of the City of Lake View was Fullerton Avenue.

This restaurant/cafe was located to the best of my knowledge on the northeast corner of Broadway/Diversey 
and not Clark, as indicated in both postcards. Decades later the same owner would build an apartment hotel 
just east of the cafe (see apt hotel section)

 folded postcard

 once across street from Wrigley Field

advertising their casino

it moved ...

 once located midway from Clark Street to the Red-Line 
on the north-side of Belmont Avenue
This Federal Hospital was once located in the Township/City of Lake View and then in the neighborhood of Buena Park. Currently the location of Malt Disney Magnet School. The hospital's complete name was 'Marine Hospital for Sailors and Soldiers' built in the 1870's and razed by the 1960's.
Established a decade after the annexation of the City of Lake View. Between 1889 and late 1920's the former township/city 
was referred to as the District of Lake View.
 Initially called Chicago Union Hospital to later be called ...
 at the same location of the initial building
Smoking was OK back then, I guess ...

 Social Services

Lake View's old Commercial District
 sold at Wieboldt's
a back to school globe

Lake View State Bank

Vintage Businesses:
Deering Works/International Harvester

an interesting advertisement and on the other side ...

 their product was truly international
Curt Teich

 on the flip side of the postcards are the 
the name of the manufacturer

 Mini-Postcards in an envelope

American Color-Type
two locations 
Their Short Story Booklets


A Salesman Book 
for F.W. Woolworth & Company


a zoomed view

a zoomed view

Postcards in an Envelope


Chicago Tribune Inserts
full page

 date on the bottom of print
 the back of each print