April 14, 2011

A Family on Paulina

A Research Project 
Most of my posts in this blog are by in large impersonal; brick & mortar things, not much on people. Throughout my blog I have photos of buildings, street scenes-some with people, maps, illustrations, and text some with hyperlinks to more things, not people. While informative to an audience that like to view a vintage Lake View things this post departs from the normal a bit to a more personalized look of one family.
Enter Frank McGuire's Story
current satellite block view of area
Frank McGuire a local historian/genealogist. He is supporter of my sister site on Facebook called LakeView Historical
I never received so many photos all at one time and all of one family before, so thanks Frank!!
Mr. McGuire was researching a marriage couple named Johann Jacob Rinker & Helena Dorothea Puscheck-Rincker
During his research, he found the 'mother-load of photos' of this family on a Facebook page about the history of Crete Township, Illinois. Some pictures of their farm are below.
According to Mr. McGuire's research, The Rinckers owned a family farm in Crete Township-Will County, Illinois and a house in Chicago on Paulina Avenue just south of Berteau Avenue apparently for a brief time. Frank McGuire thought of me and my own research and sent dozens of photos of them particularly when the Rinckers family resided on Paulina Avenue during the first quarter of the 20th century. 
This German-American family settled in German speaking area of Crete Township while having a home in predominate German speaking area of old Lake View. Since the mid-18th century German language was the most used foreign language used in Cook County. In those early days communities were established based on common language and cultural traditions of old Europe.
This post is devoted to sights and scenes on Paulina Avenue that one family. These photos are dated from the late 1910's and early 1920's. These photos give the viewer a glimpse of family living in what is referred today as the Lake View's own community of Southeast Ravenswood.
The meticulous photography was the father of J.J. Rincker who must have been a professional due to the quality of the photos and labeling within the album. 
My thanks again to Frank McGuire for the photos for this post; a post that is dedicated to him while remembering a family that once lived in old Lake View. 
Now, let's enjoy the view!
 Their home on Paulina 
Once again my thanks to Frank McGuire 
for all these photos!

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