May 11, 2011

UIC Images of Change

This is a blog post collection of random images from the 
University of Illinois-Chicago's digital collection that highlights changes in the building development that changed the existing landscape of the our neighborhood. 
My methodology of gathering was to keyword a street name 
and collect whatever popped-up that pertained to our neighborhood - over 45 images.

Collecting these images - some with a label - was a bit of a chore but I managed to copy & paste to 'Google Drive' and then edit each image with 'PicMonkey' photo editing tool. Under each photo image is a link to the UIC site so to the viewer can enlarge (zoom out) for a better, more vibrant look of the image to a viewer's satisfaction. I added a 
Google Map view on the images for clarification and clarity. 
Read more about the this UIC collection with this link.
Now let's have Fun with their Site!
431 W Oakdale
The Google View
434 W Roscoe Street
Google View
 535 W Barry Street 
The 4+1's began to spread throughout 
the neighborhood by 1959
Google View
 540 W. Briar Place
Google View
388 W Belmont Avenue 1944
3450 N Clark Street
Google View
Collins & Wiese Coal Yard
north of Addison along Clark Street; Wrigley Field 
is out-of-frame and to the right
The Google View
with a clearer view of the area below 
photo image -
710 W Aldine 
rear view of house 
to be demolished per signage 
Google View
517-9 W Aldine
reduced to a parking lot
Google View

701 W Briar Place
pre-demolition per sign on the door
Google View
Steve's Gulf Station view 1

Steve's Gulf Station view 2
 corner of East Ravenswood Avenue and Addison Street
Google View
Butcher Workmen Educational and Benevolent Association
Image 1 
along with the side view of the Belair Hotel
with some history of this labor organization
Google View
Image 2
Interior view of the construction
image 6
The crown design in the middle still under construction
with more park space
 Clark & Diversey Parkway view north with 
Broadway Avenue to the right & out-of-frame of photo
 Google View
When the Fabric of the Block changed
on Wellington Avenue

an east view
image 2

image 3
340 W Wellington
Google View

image 5
and Near by ...
the contrast of design

new and vintage architecture
320 Oakdale @ Commonweath Avenue
320 Oakdale Avenue
when Nettlehorst School sold parking spaces for revenue
 555 W Cornelia
minus the pool along Stratford Place
Google View
 555 W Cornelia 
view from Cornelia Avenue
Google View
 506 W Belmont Avenue
front yard view
Google View
with the backyard look
 3124 N Broadway 
front yard view
Google View
3124 N Broadway
with the back yard view
 3920 N Broadway
Not convinced of the east/west location but...
Google View
 The Eddystone
image 1
421 W Melrose 
Google View
image 2
Google View
451 W Melrose
Google View
 Pine Grove and Diversey Parkway
the southwest corner 
Constructed within old District of Lake View and presently in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park
The Google View
Commonwealth Hotel
Constructed within the old District of Lake View and presently in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park
southeast corner of Pine Grove and Diversey Parkway
When 'apartment-hotels' were meant to reside not to visit.
The Google View
 Seminary Avenue south of Grace
Google View
Seminary Avenue north of Grace
Google View
view from Byron Street 
sign reads 'This building dangerous construction'
sign reads ' DANGER! KEEP OUT! WARNING!'
@ the corner of Lincoln, Wellington, & Southport
@ the corner of Grace & Sheffield 
next to the Paulina Brownline Station
1515-9 W Wofram
View north
Google View
1515-9 Wolfram 
View south in the direction of next block backyards
with houses along George Street 
Google View
3333 N Marshfield
Google View
Surf-Sheridan Hotel 
image 1
currently Reside on Surf
423-5 Surf Street
This bridge was the final construction link connecting 
the new LSD (1937-41 WPA project) with the outer drive northward/southward from Lincoln Park-the park with a 
Google View

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