May 21, 2011

The Public High School

4015 N Ashland Avenue
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photo - Sulzer Regional Library via Chicago Public Library
1940 page image contribution from Judy and Wally Carlson
1940 page image contribution from Judy and Wally Carlson
The Sanborn Fire Map Views
View of the Area 1887
 once part of the original cemetery property
images - Historic Map Works
with a zoomed view of the school below
Currently the cemetery borders on Clark Street to the east
View of the Area 1905
 view in 1928
 view in 1950
In 1873 the citizens of 16 year old Lake View Township voted to establish a high school with A.F. Nightingale as head principal. Lake View High School was built on land donated by the Graceland Cemetery Company. The school was constructed at a cost of $16,000 and opened its doors May 4th, 1874. The original structure (view photo below) could accommodate up to two-hundred students (p. 709) with its six classrooms on the first floor, and an auditorium, principal's office, library, laboratory, and hall on the second. Of the 73 students who had passed the 1874 qualifying exam, eight were admitted for high school coursework; and the remaining sixty-five entered in the remedial preparatory program.
The original building cost 15k taking 2 years to build
According the publication Hidden History of Ravenswood & Lake View by Patrick Butler, the admission to the school was a tough - "the 1878 admission test (the student) was expected to be able to draw a map of South America, including all the rivers and mountain ranges; list the exports of Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Liverpool England; locate Marsecilles , Quito, Mount Aetna and the Orange River on the map; give a 'synopsis' of the verb 'run' in the indicative and potential modes, interrogative form and first person, singular number!" .... "even students not bound for college had to take Latin prose composition during the four-year course 'designed to prepare a person for ordinary vocations in life'."
The Chicago Daily Tribune article 
mark their 1st year in 1875
The Admission Test in 1878
image - Hidden History of Ravenswood & Lake View 
by Pat Butler
The Fire of 1885
The original building burnt in 1884; five years before the City of Lake View was annexed by the City of Chicago.
The newer building 1885
 Calumet 412 via Chicago Schools History
postcard - Ebay unknown date
postcard - Ebay unknown date
produced by one of the largest postcard manufacturers in the world ... also located in Lake View on southeast corner of East Ravenswood Avenue & Irving Park Road 
The Curt Teich & Company
winter view 1908 - Ebay
Remodeled and additions both in 1916 and 1939
1898 photo - Art Institute of Chicago
Class of 1894
Track Team of 1894
1898  Construction news

Class of 1901
Required Reading for High Schools 1905-06
1906 postcard view
 1908 football team
Chicago History Museum via Explore Chicago
1909 football team
Chicago History Museum via Explore Chicago
 Lake View High School football player
O. Murray holding a football - 1909
Chicago History Museum via Explore Chicago
1908 photo - Chuckman Collection
1909 - Postcard Ebay
By 1909 the high school population grew beyond its existing facility per this creative writing narration
contributor: Ruth Runkel 
from Forgotten Chicago on Facebook  
Girls' knitting class - 1917
photo - Chicago History Museum via Explore Chicago
Red & White 1917
images - Ebay

... the one brave male student 1917 year book
The Boys Nvmber 1917
(click to enlarge image)
from my collection

The Girls Nvember 1918
from my collection

The Christmas Issue 1918
from Ebay

The 1926 Graduation Book
from Ebay


"Many high school band in Chicago was organized militarily, and the band member wore Army brown uniforms. Lake View in 1926 had the largest ROTC in Chicago, and the best rifle teams, both girls and boys.  
image - Chicago Historical Schools
ROTC Views
ROTC band 1920 - Ebay  
 1927 Band performing on the stage in the auditorium
Chicago History Museum via Explore Chicago
in the auditorium 1928
photo - Michael Palmer via Forgotten Chicago-Facebook
Chicago History Museum via Explore Chicago
ROTC marching along Clark Street to RoseHill cemetery in 1942 during a Memorial Day celebration
A march on Rosehill Drive on Memorial Day 1942
 photo - William Carey via 
Susan Reibman Groff, Forgotten Chicago on Facebook 
 ROTC marching from Rosehill cemetery in 1948 during a May 1st Memorial Day celebration both above photos
Susan Reibman Groff from Forgotten Chicago on Facebook

LVHS track and field team 1924
- the first year for newly constructed Soldier Field
As a side-note, this high school were champions in  ruby between 1881-85.

The Potential Move 
to the Lakefront
In 1925 there was a discussion about a construction of a new building near the lakefront on the  old Clarendon Avenue Bathing Beach property. That year the chemical lab was condemned by the Health Department. If moved the high school would been located in Uptown not the neighborhood of LakeView. Read the article below.
postcard - CardCow
apparent 1929 cheerleaders from a yearbook page
Tim Ford-Pinterest
The High School had a Glee Club 1931

1931 Year Book

a shuttle car (streetcar) along Ashland 1934
photo - Trolley Dodger
1936 'Lake re-View' Newspaper
1938 Hand Booklet 
selective pages
LVH contributor Barbara Spohr Vanedoe 

1940's Lake View HS 10kt Gold Filled Lapel Pin - Ebay
the 1938 addition 
photo - Chicago Historical Schools
1943 Yearbook
selected pages
part of my personal collection

Students getting a ride in 1943
1943 view from the corner of Ashland and Addison
photo - Growing-Up in Chicago-Facebook

Home Economic classroom - unknown date
 Wartime ROTC students
The Student Council - 1940's
The Theater Students 
1944 photos via  Helen Kinsella Collection

1948 photo

Promoting Advertising 
as a Subject in 1948
A former student and inventor in 1946
Other famous graduates according the publication Hidden History of Ravenswood & Lake View by Patrick Butler were Gloria SwansonJohn Gunther, and ventriloquist 
Edgar Bergen.
The 75th Year of the School
Chicago Tribune article and what is was like for the students that very 1st year - 1949 article

Their Newspaper - 1949
images - Ebay
The Carole E Brennan Years
Carole attended this high school from 1955 through 1958. As a supporter of my Facebook presence called LakeView Historical she mailed 2 boxes of her yearbooks & other collectibles to me as part of my collection on the history of Lake View. The following are her items to me for this post. 
Her yearbooks - selected pages
other Brennan Collectibles
photo contribution by Carole Brennan
a theater production maybe during the 50's
TV was new thing to learn in the 1950's
image - Ebay
Honor Pins - 1950's - Ebay

1974 - Practice Session for their 100th birthday - Ebay
1974 Home Economic Class
1975 Practice Session of the band - Ebay
The Bodyguard - the 1980 movie

1982 - Chemical Class Accident - Ebay
1985 Photos
Ravenswood Lake View Community Collection

The 3rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner Dance
The Robert Krueger Collection
1991 photo - R. Krueger Collection 
1991 photo - R. Krueger Collection 
1991 photo - R. Krueger Collection 
 1991 photo - R. Krueger Collection 
1991 photo - R. Krueger Collection 
1991 photo - R. Krueger Collection 
The Glee Club
Yo-Yo-Ma along with Renee Fleming (not in photo)
2012  STEM ‘Tipping Point’ for Lake View High School:
Lake View snagged Microsoft, which will provide professional development for Lake View teachers, along with mentoring and internship opportunities for students. In May of that same year, the city approved TIF monies for capital improvements for this new venture with Microsoft.

“STEM is absolutely college preparatory material,” Lake View Principal Werner told the crowd of nearly 100 parents & students who filled the high school’s auditorium. 
“Students are going to gain all these valuable 21st century skills.”
At the same time, STEM’s stated emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math does not trump CPS requirements. Yes, there will be courses in web design and software development but students will still be expected to earn credits in English, foreign language, history and other core subjects. Lake View will maintain its strong arts tradition with the additional opportunities that STEM presents, such as classes in mixed media art or digital music. LVHS students will also be “first in line” if they choose to apply to a B.A. program at DePaul University. DePaul President, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, noted that students will be able to transfer early college credits to other universities. Faculty at DePaul will also provide support to Lake View staff in the form of curriculum development and teacher training while Microsoft will not only offer tech support but offer internship opportunities to all graduates. The City of Chicago will add the infrastructure to make this comprehensive initiative work.
2014  A New principal hits the scene 
Scott Grens
Read the following DNAinfo articles about this new principal
May 2014 - article link and June 2014 - article link
July 2014 - article link and March 2015 - article link
 A student goes to Princeton ...
Don Geci - Senior 2015
Celebrating his Acceptance in Astrophysics at Princeton
"The student body here is very much like a family. Since the week I found out about the acceptance, I've almost been late to some of my classes because of high-fives, hugs, and congratulations from so many students. That is the sort of spirit you find here." - Don Geci

North-side Schools Unite in 2015!
A coalition to attract more resources to north-sided 
high schools was established at a community meeting.
Read more about it by DNAinfo
An Invite to the White House
LVH science fair student visits at the White House
2015 November - An investment and a higher grade for the school is awarded that year per DNAinfo. Look out Lane Tech and De Paul Prep LHS is on your tail. 
A science teacher gets his do with a special award for his teaching methods in biotechnology.
A Small Celebration

Principal Resigns after 2 Years
One of many who resigned due to an impasse in the 
Illinois state budget - read more from DNAinfo 
photo - Lake View HS
News from the New Principal 2017
We have big plans for the next four years: in partnership with Microsoft, NuMat Technologies, and Northwestern University, we just launched our Innovation Academy, a four-year enrichment program for academically-curious students. We're excited about the $20 million in renovations that will transform our exterior and interior spaces, and grateful for the support of the Chicago Cubs and Lake View Partners in giving us a head start with a brand-new weight room and MakerSpace. We're inspired by our student-entrepreneurs working under the mentorship of DeLoitte. We're grateful for the support of GrowCommunity in helping solidify a true network of neighborhood elementary and high schools that promises to create a smooth K-12 pipeline for children across the north side. And we're widening pathways for our students into college by improving access to classes at DePaul University and expanding our Dual Credit offerings with Wright College, and by hosting informational events for families in conjunction with the Harvard Club of Chicago.
- Principal Paul J. Karafiol
LVHS Renovation Plans 2017
alderman to the left, principal to the right 

'On March 30 at 5:30 [2017], you're invited to a presentation about the upcoming renovations at Lake View High School. You'll get a chance to hear about the plans and timetable, and you'll be able to give us your feedback on the proposal.' 
- newsletter via email
Blue State Students 
Take a Red State Field Trip
by WBEZ Becky Vevea
'Riding north out of Chicago into Wisconsin on a recent spring day, a group of teenagers from Lake View High School leaned against the big windows of a coach bus to snap cell phone pictures of grazing cows and barns.' Read more ...

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 1928 1/2
View more photographs about this HS via Flickr.

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