December 10, 2011

Garden Walks

Garden Walks give visitors whether they are gardeners or not, a chance to find inspiration and beauty. For gardeners, of course, these treks can bring a bounty of new ideas, as well as an opportunity to talk shop with fellow enthusiasts. Our listing here includes a great variety of walks throughout the Chicago area, and even beyond. Unless otherwise noted, these walks typically are held rain or shine.
Chicago Tribune 2011
a backyard in Lake View
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 Some Historical Background 1901
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 The property of S.H. Kerfoot of Lake View is noted under the subtitle 'Ruined by the Fire' in paragraph 6 & 7.  Lake Shore Plank Road refers to the first LSD along the lakefront and Graceland Avenue refers to Irving Park Road. The word 'plank' was just that - a wooden plank over earth.
The idea of garden walks (chapter 4 p.153) may have had its beginning in 1910 when the Northwestern Railway Company (way before the CTA) sponsored a garden contest with a fertilizer company along the right-a-way of private properties along the elevated train tracks. The winner earned city recognition and a years’ worth supply of fertilizer.
Gardens along Diversey 1901 
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 Contest sponsored 
by the Chicago Tribune 1908
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A Lake View Garden Walk 1957
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Honoring a gardener & her husband 
in 1958
Lake View Citizens Council 
awards prizes in 1958
Lake View sponsors an org. 1960
A Lake View Announcement in 2005
This appears to be the last neighborhood wide walk
'July 10: 2005:  The 10th Annual Lake View Garden Walk showcases more than 75 gardens including container,
 back-yard and parkway gardens in the Central and 
East Lakeview neighborhoods. The tour is anchored by public gardens at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, 3319 N. Clifton Ave., and The Nettelhorst School, 3252 N. Broadway. Cost: free. Hours: noon to 5 p.m. was the website address
A garden in Lake View
2010 photo - Garry Albrecht
Garden Walks has had one continuous success in one community in Lake View called West Graceland located in an area of spacial houses and suburban-like surrounding property. The West Graceland residents began their 'walk' in
1972. According to the organizers having three gardens per block is the bare minimum. The entire neighborhood of Lake View has had a spotty reputation since its inception in 1995. 
According to the article posted by Garpers Block contributor, Patrick Boylan, “the reason not to have more neighborhood venues is the time of year. It's mid-summer, the gardens should be well watered from a continuing series of storms in late June and they should be at a glorious height of color. The issue in late June and also in mid-July is one of choice. There are far too many well established garden walks crowded in a few weeks and some of the largest take place at the same time each year. 
Graceland West Garden Walk
 images - Graceland West Association
A West Graceland Community Garden
photo - Graceland West Association
The Graceland West Community helps maintain a park of its own called the Warner Park and GardensLois Buenger, Chicago Public Schools special education teacher, mortgaged her home in 1987 to acquire the property at 1446 West Warner for her neighborhood. Read some of the reviews of this venue by Yelp!. 
photo - Graceland West Association

A Post Note
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To my knowledge the last successful Lake View Walk occurred in 2010 on a Sunday. It was the 13th annual event for the entire neighborhood of Lake View. That event featured over 100 garden spaces with trolley service. The event was sponsored by Central Lake View Merchants Association and local neighborhood associations.

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