October 17, 2019

My Collection: Vintage Lake View part 2

From Postcards to Photos 
to Everything Else - Part Two
This is the second of three post from my private collection. The first post is in Part IThe third post is called Vintage Wrigley Field. The images in this particular blog post are of Lincoln Park, the park, Lake View High School yearbooks and from a donated collection called The Warner Printing Collection; now all part of my private collection.
Lake View High School Yearbooks:
I am in the process of photo-coping selective pages 
of each yearbook to my Facebook page and linking the each FB album to date of the yearbook. I begin with ...
(Facebook Album)

both semesters
  1928 - the first semester
(Facebook Album)
1928 - the second semester
(Facebook Album)
1949 / 75th Anniversary Book
1974 / 100th Anniversary Book
Lake View High Student Handbooks
part of my collection - selected pages


Lincoln Park Postcards
Most the postcards date between the 1890's to 1910's during a time when the property taxpayers and bondholders of Lake View Township and North Chicago Township had influence in the administration of the park and paid for it from 1870 
til the turn of the 20th century. 
a page from Harper's Weekly in 1887
zoomed sections below

 the lagoons were apparently once referred to as the 'canal'
 a wooden bridge - 1870's according to Ebay

Winter Scenes

Lincoln Park Conservatory
all part of my personal collection
a stereograph image - front and back
scene of garden from the Palm House-Conservatory
The original name of the Conservatory was the Palm House
men in the the Palm House
this photo looking south of the Palm House which was the original name of the current conservatory building 
the second building that was once called the Palm House

Lincoln Park Zoo
from 1870-1910ish
all part of my personal collection
'The zoo was founded in 1868, when the Lincoln Park Commissioners were given a gift of a pair of swans by Central Park's Board of Commissioners in New York City. Other animals were soon donated to the park, including, a puma, two elk, three wolves, four eagles, & eight peacocks. In 1874, a bear cub from the Philadelphia Zoo was the first animal purchased by the zoo. The bear became quite adept at escaping from its home and could frequently be found roaming Lincoln Park at night. In 1884, reportedly the first American bison born in captivity was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo. At this time, the species had almost been hunted to extinction in the wild so in 1896, the United States government bought one bull and seven cows from the Zoo's bison herd to send to Yellowstone National Park to assist in the species' revival.' - Wikipedia

is actually a Axis Deer (also known as Chital) from India according to Peter Boul, a member of the Ravenswood-Lake View Historical Association. He states that the author Robert May, the author of the book 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer', observed them at Lincoln Park zoo and was inspired to write the song we know today.

The Monuments of Lincoln Park
all part of my personal collection
 The Abraham Lincoln Monument
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Monument 
The Alarm
originally called The Indian Monument
another view of it
Signal of Peace
 Shakespeare Monument
The Eugene Field Monument
 Ulysses S. Grant Monument

Hans Christian Andersen Monument 
 Robert Cavelier de LaSalle Monument
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller Monument
Robert Cavelier de LaSalle Monument

at another angle
The monuments would be surrounded by a path
 for walkers and horse & carriage
Benjamin Franklin Monument
 The Missing Monuments of Lincoln Park
part of my collection
Carl von Linné Monument
relocated to Midway Plaisance in 1976 
'The Santiago Cuba Cannon'
The Complete List:
 lost/removed monuments
according to 'Giants at the Park'
image - Asian Pacific American Advocates/OCA-California 

 part of my personal collection
and this unidentified monument ...
image - 'Lincoln Park 1899'
The High Bridge-Lincoln Park
1894 -1919
also part of my personal collection
This bridge was once located a few blocks south of Fullerton Avenue. By the 1910's the High Bridge earned a new infamous name of 'Suicide Bridge' Due to the high volume of lives lost per week the bridge was demolished in 1909
Just Passing Though
View of Lake Shore Drive from the Bridge
In the 19th century this road was called
'Breakwater and Carriage Drive' 

View of the Lagoon from the High Bridge
now regarded as the South Pond
Excursion off the Lakefront
 Once located between of North Avenue & Fullerton
Its probable location ...
(see pier to the right)

A Good Resource
part of my collection
this reprint was original authored 
by Andreas Simon in 1893
The Postcards of
Street-End Beaches & Harbors:
all from my personal collection
 Fullerton Avenue Bathing Beach
only for children and observing mothers
Diversey Avenue Bathing Beach
the entrance to Diversey Harbor
Clarendon Municipal Bathing Beach

Wilson Avenue Bathing Beach 
This was a members only beach, hence private
Montrose-Wilson Bathing Beach
Edgewater Beach & Hotel 
The Daily News Sanitarium
 Established in 1887 in the Township of Lake View north of the existing park, Lincoln Park, just north of Fullerton Avenue
The Harbors to the South & North
Diversey Harbor
Montrose Harbor
a view of Montrose Harbor from Irving Park Road
Diversey Avenue Golf Course
As a one of the directors of the Ravenswood-Lake View Historical Association, I volunteered to a sort and catalog an extension donation to the Association. The Warner Printing Company once operated in Lake View on Sheffield Avenue. The company printed paper products for small businesses 
in Lake View and beyond. 
The contribution to our Association inherited through a donation consists of business cards, office supplies such as 8 x 10 letterheads, business forms, and flyers. One of my conditions in volunteering was to be able to keep a sample product from each client within the donation. So far, from the years 1928-1934 Warner Printing had over 200 clients half of them in Lake View. I began this project in 2018. My mission will take awhile so stay tune via the link above.

Important Note:
These posts are exclusively used for educational purposes. I do not wish to gain monetary profit from this blog nor should anyone else without permission from the original source - thanks!

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