October 17, 2019

My Collection: Vintage Wrigley Field

From Postcards to Photos 
to Everything Else
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'My Collection: Lake View part 2
by artist Paul Ashack 2003 via Ebay
Black & Whites & Scorecards & Newsletters
Most of these photos are 'press' photos while some are reproductions of photos taken by a photographer named George Brace. He photographed Chicago baseball from 1929 in both Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park. Peppered within the photos are scorecards & newsletters.
I begin with 1928 scorecard ...
WF Album 1
 a 1928 scorecard

Spring Camp in 1928 
 I added this information below
 Chicago Cardinals football team
 This football team called Wrigley Field home from 1931 through 1939. During this period there was three teams that called Wrigley Field home.

'Red' Grange played in 1925 and then from 1929-1934

 After some research I determined that this photo 
was taken in 1931

a 1934 scorecard

 the team members below

 pre 1937 scoreboard

  post 1937 scoreboard

 Chicago Cardinals 

 a 1936 Newsletter

 a 1938 Scorecard

 the team players

 bleacher booms of their day

1938 newsletter

 1939 newsletter

Cardinals last year at Wrigley Field

1941 newsletter

1944 newsletter

1947 newsletter

1948 newsletter

 zoomed text from above
 the northwest corner of Sheffield and Addison 
- early 1950's maybe (a reproduction)
 1950 newsletter

 Kodak Prints 1954

WF Album 2


1961 scorecards

a 1963 season review

1963 team & players

1966 scorecard

 view is east along Addison

 a 1969 season review

1970 scorecard

the 1970 Bear Season
1971 scorecard


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