October 17, 2019

My Collection: Vintage Wrigley Field part I

Black & Whites/Scorecards & Newsletters:
Part I 
updated 11/2023
Note: All items in the post are original and mustly purchased 
by Ebay unless otherwise mentioned
The Year 1914
Tinker Becomes Manager 
of Chicago (Whalers) Federals
at Weeghman Park 1914-15
The Year 1918
Batting Practice in 1918
The Year 1928
 A 1928 Scorecard

Spring Camp in 1928 ...
 I added this information below
Charlie Grimm 1925-1936

Lewis 'Hack' Wilson 1926-1931

Harold 'Red' Grange 

'Red' Grange played in 1925 
and then from 1929-1934

Bronko Nagurski

The Year 1929
1929 Newspaper
full size 

The Netting - early 1930's?

General Superintendent of the Cubs
from the Warner Printing Company Collection
 Some Team Members in 1931
 After some research I determined that this photo 
was taken in 1931
 Chicago Cardinals 
football team
 This football team called Wrigley Field home from 1931 through 1939. During this period there was three teams 
that called Wrigley Field home.
The Year 1932
The Cubs in 1932

The Year 1934
a 1934 scorecard

Post Game Scene in 1934
oversized photo
another George Brace photo
Phil Cavarretta 1934-1954

The Year 1935
The Team in 1935

 the team names below ...
Claiborne Bryant 1935-1940

The Year 1936
 Chicago Cardinals in 1936
from 1931 to 1939 Wrigley Field was home

 a 1936 Newsletter

The Pre 1937 

Bleacher Construction 1937
(over-sized photo)
The Post 1937 

The Year 1937

Rip Collins in 1937

The Year 1938
 a 1938 Scorecard

The 1938 Team

 the team players ...
Waiting for Tickets in 1938

An Injury in 1938

Waiting for Tickets in 1938

 Bleacher Booms in 1938

 a 1938 newsletter

Phil Cavarretta in 1938

Dizzy Dean in 1938

The Year 1939
Gabby Hartnett & 
Charlie Grimm in 1939

a 1939 newsletter

Cardinal's last year 
at Wrigley Field 1939

The Year 1941
a 1941 newsletter

The Year 1942
Chicago Bears in 1942

The Year 1943
You need to return to your seat, please!!
The Year 1944
a 1944 newsletter

1944 view of the Bears at Play

 view of slide when photo'ed
The Year 1945
The team in 1945

a Staged Photo in 1945

The Year 1946
On the L to the Game in 1946

A Catch and Fans in 1946

Rain or Shine in 1946

a 1946 Newsletter Prediction

The Year 1947
a Newsletter in 1947
a Scorecard in 1947

The Year 1948
a 1948 scorecard

a 1948 Cubs Newsletter

a 1948 Bears Newsletter
A 1948 Political Rally

The Year 1949
Rain or Shine in 1949

the Chicago Bears in 1949

 zoomed text from above
 View of the Ballpark
the northwest corner of Sheffield and Addison 
- early 1950's maybe (a reproduction)
The Year 1950
a 1950 newsletter

a Scorecard in 1950

A 1950 Bears Newsletter
The Year 1951
A Scorecard in 1951

The First Ball by the Mayor in 1951
Rodeo of 1951
The Year 1952
A Play for the Ball in 1952

The Year 1953
a Scorecard in 1953

The Year 1954
 Kodak Prints in 1954

Against the Giants in 1954

Against the Pirates in 1954

Incoming Ball in 1954

The Year 1955
Early Snow in 1955

a Hot Day in 1955

a Cubs Dodgers Game in 1955

Standing Room Only in 1955

Chicago Bears Team in 1955

The Year 1956
Not a lot of Fans for this Game in 1956

Cleaning Up after a Bears Game in 1956

The Year 1959
a Game in 1959
a reprinted in 1991 
from the Chicago History Society (Museum)

Williams and Banks 1959-1971 players

The Year 1960
a Scorecard in 1960

Catching some Rays in 1960

The Year 1961
 a 1961 Scorecard

The Year 1962
Taking a Break from the Game in 1962

Roof-Toppers in 1962

Bears at Practice 1962

The Year 1963
Opening Day 1963
An Aerial View in 1963
a 1963 season in review

Prepping the Field
 for a Bears Game in 1963

The Year 1964
a Bit Chilly in 1964

The Year 1965
Ernie Banks Hits a High Fly in 1965

a Baseball Hit but to the Head in 1965

the Bears in 1965

The Year 1966
A 1966 scorecard

Leo Durocher in 1966
manager 1966-1972

a Young Fan in 1966

A 1966 Bears Newsletter
The Year 1967
Opening Day 1967
Some Vocal Fans in 1967

Waiting for Tickets in 1967

Lining Up for Tickets in 1967

 view is east along Addison Street
Signs Signs Signs in 1967

Trying to Catch it in the Bleachers in 1967

Fans Claiming the Field in 1967
The Year 1968
Waiting for Tickets in 1968
Young Fans in 1968

at the game during business hours?? in 1968
Caught the Ball in 1968
The Year 1969
a Aerial View in 1969

 a 1969 season in review
a Scorecard in 1969

a Ground Keeper in 1969

Billy Williams in 1969

College Kids Camping for Tickets in 1969
Playing a Tune?? in 1969
a 45 (in size) record
recorded in 1969
The Year 1970
a 1970 Scorecard

Needed Repairs in 1970

Kissing in the Cold in 1970
Bleacher View in 1970

a Young Fan in 1970

Getting a Tan 
while watching a Game in 1970

Leo and his Frustration in 1970

Mr. Cub in 1970

a Young Fan in 1970

A 1970 Bears Newsletter
(last year at Wrigley Field)
The Year 1971
A 1971 scorecard

Flags on a Windy Day in 1971

Riding to Work in 1971
The Year 1972
Waiting for Business in 1972
a 1972 scorecard

 Still Wet on the Field in 1972

An Incoming Ball in 1972

 Keeping Warm in June 1972

The Year 1973
a 1973 scorecard

A Hat of the Day in 1973

The Year 1974
the Program becomes the Hat in 1974

 a 1974 scorecard
view the above photo for this program

Too Cold that Day in 1974

Bleacher Fans in 1974
*an over-sized photo*

The Year 1975
 a 1975 scorecard

Jose Cardenal and Young Fans in 1975

 The Singing Andy Frain in 1975

Young Fans in 1975

The Year 1977
a 1977 newsletter

Rain or Shine in 1977

Existing the Addison Station in 1977

 Corner of Waveland 
and Sheffield in 1977

In Line in 1977

 Big Crowd in 1977
The Bleachers Fans that same year 1977

The Year 1978
the Fans in 1978

An Interior View in 1978
a oversized photo
All Alone that Day in 1978

Needed Repairs in 1979

The Year 1979
Roof Top Fans in 1979

More Roof Toppers & the Ball in 1979

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