October 17, 2019

My Collection : The Warner Printing Collection

The Warner Printing Collection
This is the third of five posts that contain 
my private collection ...
As a one of the directors of the Ravenswood-Lake View Historical Association, I volunteered in 2019 to sort and catalog an overwhelming contribution/donation 
to the Association from a supporter. 
The Warner Printing Company once operated in Lake View at Sheffield Avenue. The company printed paper business supply products for small businesses in Lake View and throughout the Chicagoland area. There are two 'take-aways' from this collection, 1) many clients were Swedish-Americans and 2) there were a lot of manufacturing companies.
a typical folder for a client
the reverse side of a typical folder
The contribution to Ravenswood-Lake View Historical Association that they inherited through a donation consists of business cards, office supplies such as 8 x 10 letterheads, business forms, and flyers. One of my conditions in volunteering was to be able to keep a sample product from each client within the donation. So far, the years are from 1928-1935. So far, Warner Printing Company had over 200 clients half of them in Lake View. The condition of the the majority of the items are good to excellent due to the thick quality of the original folders. My mission to sort & catalog will take awhile so, stay tuned I will have more added ...
Warner Printing Company 
 The first location was in Lake View
 envelope with prices 

a typical correspondence ...

  and then ...
the company moved to the 
Community of Irving Park, Chicago in 1933
Their Clients:
Belmont-Sheffield Trust & Savings Bank
This bank was established shortly before the Great Depression of 1929 and did not survive it.
 The building is still located on that corner.
pre-fold biz card in size
 a small 4 page booklet
Roscoe Flower Shop
Their had events both at The Viking Temple at 3257 N Sheffield and Lincoln Turner Hall on Diversey
This organization seceded from the 'Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois of Odd Fellows' that was established in 1923
poster above
On July 17, 1914, the Swedish-American Athletic Association was chartered by the State of Illinois. The S.A.A.A. was formed by the merger of three groups dating back to the 1880's: The Swedish Gymnastic Club, Eskil Athletic Club of the southside, and the Scandia Athletic Club of the northside.
 Lake View Swedish Free Church
one of few Swedish churches that was established in the Township of Lake View in the 1880's.
flyers below

Sheffield Dining Room
 D. Rosen Shoe Store 
Salvation Army Temple of Lake View
a business card in size
According to a 1923 Sanborn Fire Map this location was a church/meeting place. Wilton Avenue and appears to be the 'ground zero' for the Swedish-American community in the Township/City/Community of Lake View
the temple building above and  
a member of the organization below
 Radium Studios was also Lake View biz
a pamphlet below
selected pages
 another pamphlet  
more members of this organization 
that was used for the pamphlets
a program booklet

 Dr. Livingston for Women's Health
 a 5 page 4x6 in size booklet

another 4 page booklet 
pre-folded business card in size

 Joseph F. Anzalone Decorating
 business supplies
Reliable Sheet Metal Works 
 M.C. Ross & Company
for bird cages
 E.L. Moore Cigars
Wiebking Engraving Company 
O.M. Howard Signs
Philadelphia Swedish Pentecostal Church 
  Clark and Waveland Service Station
 Newport Grocery & Meat Market
a full page advertisement
 Phantom Studerbaker
various locations on Lincoln Avenue
Swedish Restaurant  
St. Sebastian's Catholic Church
currently the location of Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital
 pre-folded product for the customer
 reverse side of small 3 x 5 card
 a donation envelope below
 reverse side of envelope

for their rolodex
a 5 page rectangular fold-out
zoomed below
 zoomed below again
 Aldine Tailors, Cleaners & Dyers
 Johnson & Company
Charles Hultgren, 
painter and decorator 
 Hamen's Curtain Service
 J.C. Paul & Company
manufacturers of metal polish

 Ernest F. Olson Men's Wear
 Walter W. Armstrong M.D.
Dr. Bernard O. Blomgren, Dentist 
Gastis Restaurant Shopping Bag
Max A.R. Matthews Hardware
 Gust Midtun Painting and Decorating
W. Manthey Sheet Metal Work
 V.P. Truhlar Roofing Company

  The Sheffield Club
 E.F. Carlson & Company
 Reliable Sheet Metal Works
 Herrmann Pattern Works
  Anderson Brothers Storage 
a business card
Claremont Theatre 
known to be a Swedish language theater
a full page flyer

Callahan & Company 
furniture & piano moving
 and general trucking contractor
plus machinery movers
 Frederick Stingle 
manufacturer of gold leaf 
Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets
 by goldbeating and is often used for gilding
Lucius W Hoyt, M.D. 
complete set of stationary 
 Roy W Curry
private investigator
Metal Dance Bid Company
 B-B Lace Curtains & Hand Laundry
Schneidier Wheel & Spring Works
 Nu-Enamel Nortown Company
 Wrigley Field Tickets
A Polling Place Flyer
most of the Community of Lake View 
was in the 46th ward at the time
 Chicago Copper and Iron Works
Frank Trapani Realty Company
a moving location card

 Real Estate 'For Rent' Signs
18 x 12 in size

Doric Temple
Park Lane Chapter # 934
on Irving Park Road
reverse side of pamphlet
La Claire Bath & Beauty Salon

their business cards 
reverse side
Newport Meat Market
a full page advertisement
North Shore Building Material Company
 Hedstrom's Store for Men

 Hamen's Curtain Service

 Fleckles Auction House
 their flyer below
 Matthew S Deddo Real Estate
 their sign below
 Guarentee Loan Company
 H.G. Hanson Painting & Decorating
 Cornelia Realty Company
Curtis Brothers 
 De Luxe Restaurant
once located at 3422 Sheffield Avenue
per the original folder it protected
 Hjalmar E.O. Berquist Real Estate
 plus insurance & loans
5 x 11.5 in size envelope

to be split by the printing company for delivery ...

Addison Coal Company (Kermore Avenue)

The Acme Exterminating Company

Fred Smolin Painting and Decorating
 Diez Brothers Ice Company
a wholesaler
George B. Barwig Furniture Company 
 United Cork Companies
based in New York and office in Lake View
 Logen Liberty #341
based at the Viking Temple of Sheffield
 A.G.Cigars Store
 American Sales Company
 8 x 10 in size
S. Maude Wells
 pre-folded business card size

 For the Rush B. Johnson campaign
 Jacobson's Drug Store
 Germania Encampment #40
Diversey Hall at 1201 W Diversey

at the 'Lake View Station' on Newport Avenue
Dr. R.F. Elmer
physician & surgeon
J.L. Cunningham, M.D. 
E.A Pinkerton's "Kleen Heet"
  Hanson Florist
 K.L. Atkinson Radio Service
Davis & Liegerg Decorating Company

 Miami Club 
 Club Babylon
 Dr. F. Detlefsen
above Meyer's Drug Store
 Rudolph Fellermeier
interior design
Illinois Masonic Hospital  Association
H.&G. Motor Sales

Port Irving Garage & Motor Sales

Viking Temple

a meet-up for an organization

Link's Hall

 The Auditorium
currently the Metro

Lincoln Turner Hall
Buckingham Theater Building
Trinity Church (at Kenmore)
Business Cards:
These cards are a mini-glimpse of the type of products and services offered during the first half of the 1930's that 
Warner Printing Company produced for their clients
Lake View X-Ray Laboratory 
 Strom Oil & Grease Company
 Charles Roux & Son sign painters
 [The] Cigar Store
 Dorathy's Beauty Salon
 Wadin's Moter Service
 O.A. Guenther & Son
 The Russian Oil Company
 Erickson Landscaping Company 
 Wilton Manor Apartments 
 Ace Barber Shop
 Ferndale Apartment Hotel
Hotels like these offered apartment living with hotel services
 H.G. Meier Food & Deli Shop
 Belmont Electric Company
 H. Malt Extract Company
 Hamilton's Swedish Home Bakery
 Joseph L. Robb, Opt. D.
 a jeweler & optometrist - an interest twist
 Hul's Dance Wax & Filler
 Carl E. Johnson Commercial Artist
 John Kiefer Hair Expert
 Elmer Anderson Swedish Massage & Hydrotherapy
 Iver Jensen Company
 Emma A. Solomon Home Made Candies
Rokeby = Fremont
Their Other Client ...
 worksheet above with final product below
a 4x6 booklet 

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