October 17, 2019

My Collection: Vintage Wrigley Field part II

Black & Whites/Scorecards & Newsletters: part II
This blog post is related to four other posts called 
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My Collection: Lake View part II and
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My Collection: Warner Printing Collection
This post not only contain the continuation of Wrigley Field, part I but memorabilia such as books, magazines and pins that are all part of my collection. 
This post begins in 1980 ...
Chicago Sting at Wrigley in 1980
Flying High in 1980
The Field in 1980
All Alone in 1981
a Zoom View of the Scoreboard in 1980
Don't Strike in 1981
 No Fans in 1981
 a 1982 newsletter
a Baseball Retrieval in 1982
April Snow in 1982
Shoveling in April 6,1982
Shoveling in April 8,1982
a Scene at Home Field in 1982
Another Scene at Home Field in 1982
a 1983 newsletter 
a Run into Home in 1983
 a 1984 newsletter
maintenance in 1984
Ryne Sandberg makes Home in 1984
another Ryne Sandberg Moment in 1984
the Fans in 1984
 the 1984 Wrigley Field Concert
a fold-out advertisement
a 1985 newsletter
Fans in 1985

No Strike in 1985
Hollywood Actors/Fans in 1986
'You're Out' in 1986
Confusion in the Vines in 1986

Trash on the Field in 1986
maintenance in 1987
Beginning to Rain in 1987
Ryne Sandberg in 1987
The Lights are On! in 1988
Photo Fax for Newspaper Print
Anti-Lights Shirt 1988
the Cub's Ten Commandments in 1988
a Baseball toward the Bleachers in 1988
Needed Repairs in 1988
a Father & Son Outing in 1989
Fan Frustration in 1989
Safe at Home Plate in 1989
Watching and Hoping in 1989
 Fans Celebrate in 1989
a 1990 Aerial View
Snow in April 1990
Camping Out in 1990
Mark Grace at Home Plate in 1990
Ryne Sandbergs Scores at Home Plate 1991
a 1992 scorecard
Lining up for Tickets in 1992
A Ground Keeper in 1992
Bleacher Fans in 1993
Bleacher Support in 1993
a 1997 Scorecard
a 2003 scorecard
 more like a booklet than a simply scorecard
a 2010 scorecard
Mr. Cub at the Pearl Jam Concert in 2013
Ernie Banks would pass in 2015
The BIG WIN Year in 2016
 Books & Magazines and other Stuff
selected pages
 a great resource and a well lay-out view before the sweeping renovation project of 2014

 Yes, Cardinals called Wrigley Field home from 1931-1939 

 and Shoe had a few words on the subject

the 1990 Cubs
 selected pages

Harry Caray Remembered 1998
(selected pages)

his funeral 

and then the WIN in 2016
a 1939 Schedule Booklet

 selective pages

Cubs & Bears/Wrigley Field Pennants 
mini-pennants 1930 or 40's?
Full Size Pennants
Various Years

Vintage Bears & Cubs Wrigley Field Pins

pre-CTA Transit Card

 Boxing at Wrigley
 The 1915 Cubs Team
A 3x5 Stamp Booklet 1960's?

 Unique Color Reproductions

first and second scoreboard
A Pictorial Baseball

A Tin Box 

a Key Chain
Clark, the Mascot

  A DVD 

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