November 26, 2019

My Collection : Vintage Lake View part I

From Postcards to Photos 
to Everything Else - Part One
This is the first of five posts of my private collection on vintage Lake View - this one, Part I & then Part IIThe last section of this post is a collection of matchbooks. Part II has a collection of purchased postcards in a post called Lincoln Park, the park due to the fact that there is a Lake View connection to that park. These postcards date at the dawn of the 20th century and are located in 
Part II. I have a collection of yearbooks, Student Handbooks, and booklet monthly from Lake View High School in Part II. 
I am in the process of photographing selected pages in each yearbook and posting them on my Facebook site called 
LakeView Historical. The third post is about the businesses of Lake View from 1929-1935 called the Warner Printing Collection
The fourth & fifth posts are called 'Vintage Wrigley Field' 
Part I and then Part II. These posts contains black & white photos - mostly press photos & very few reproductions, an assortment scorecards and newsletters. Most of the contents of the these first five blog posts were purchased through Ebay and a few were gifted.
this street banner was purchased in 2015 from the Lake View Chamber of Commerce to be used for my exhibits
Let's Begin with ...
A Township of Lake View Book
 originally published in 1879 
but republished for modern readers

this publisher re-produces old text 

The Township Era Documents
A Township 1857-1887
A City 1887-1889

These photos are property tax receipts of a K. Langland from 1871-76. He apparently lived on Wrightwood Avenue when the Lake View was a township 1857-87 and City 1887-89, the southern border was Fullerton Avenue. The last two photos is a 1895 township assessor's notice to a property owner. Homes from the old township/city of Lake View was still assessed by the former township. This taxpayer lived on Damen Avenue. The western border of the old township/city was Western Avenue. Some homes are still have the Lake View name on their Cook County property tax notice. 
K. Langland Receipts
1871 and backside of the receipt

 another 1872 receipt 
 1873 letter from City of Lake View Collector's office
 long rectangular receipts for same taxpayer

 1895 township assessors notice to taxpayer
(front and back)
Township/City Cemetery's:
Graceland Cemetery

 and the back side 
Book about Graceland Cemetery

I highly recommend it! 
Established in 1860 when Lake View was a township

an 1887 Cemetery Warrantly (Plot) Deed
reverse side

Rosehill Cemetery Receipts
 The Rocky Waters of the Lake
Belmont (Yacht) Harbor
open to the public by 1916
this two page map highlights the expansion north 
of Fullerton Avenue 1913 - 1915
both maps are 21.5 x 31 in size
zoomed view below
A Depiction of the Dredging of Belmont Harbor
on rice paper by Fred J Lawson
I contend that the harbor was curved from existing landmass 
and then dredged for depth - no proof yet
about the artist & this lithograph...
some postcard views ...
not sure this is Belmont Harbor but it does look like the first boat-house, the Carrier
Join the Yacht Club 1930's

Photographic Art 
without a frame
 by an artist name of 'Berry' with additional info

 .... zoomed from above

... zoomed from above
 some information the craft itself
The First Hundred Years ...
about the club-houses in Lake Michigan
Once a Staging Area 
 For decades Belmont Yacht Harbor 
was staging area for the race from Chicago
 Before W.H. 'Big Bill' Thompson was mayor of Chicago he raced from Belmont Harbor. He and his wife lived on Sheridan Road and Belmont Avenue
Fictional Novel 
Driving toward Diversey 
on Lake Shore Drive

Lincoln Park Golf Course
currently the Diversey Avenue Golf Range & Mini-Golf

 with proof of location ...
Elk Memorial
with a view of Lake View East at Diversey
LSD north of the Outer Drive
(Facebook Album also)
zoomed views below
Bismarck Gardens
1894 - 1923
renamed Marigold Gardens in 1915-1923
 below is a good summary from the reverse side of above postcard
at the southwest corner of Broadway & Grace Street
Season Ticket
to both the Garden and their hotel in the Loop

the name change ...


 I own 2 steins

Program Booklet Season 1916-17
21 pages
Concert Programs
During World War I there was a name change 
to Marigold Gardens

Vanity Fair 
new owners
from a Beer Garden/Cafe
to a Boxing/Wrestling Venue
Marigold Arena
Wrestling /Boxing Tickets
 reverse side

 a 4 page newsletter 1959

The Kaiser Gartin
across the street from Old Town Hall
& Street Scene Postcards

 both postcards south of Grace Street view south

This building, the Lehmann Mansion, 
appears in the previous two postcards.
J.L. Lehmann died in 1900 leaving his heirs $10 million. 
He owned the Fair Department Store once located in the Loop and owned scores of property in old Lake View. 
The building was finally used as a convalescent home.
Anderson Brothers
The Stratford Apartments
still exists on Stratford Place
 Fullerton Avenue was once the border between Chicago 
and the Township/City of Lake View
across the street in Buena Park
and across the street in Lincoln Park
and before the memorial ... a residence of
inner Lake Shore Drive view 
near Waveland Avenue below

Sheridan Road & Irving Park Road
southeast corner
Pine Grove Avenue
north toward Sheridan Road
The Stout Mansion
 once located on Barry/Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive
with its glass plated slide - 3 x 5 in size
A Street Address Guide
approx. 1933-1954

Ravenwood Train 1978
 35mm slides
 at Belmont and below Diversey
Vintage Photography Studios:
A.H. Gentzel
on Lincoln Avenue
Lake View, Illinois
post 1909 address 2740 N Lincoln
Radium Studio on Belmont
one of many other postcards
Belmont Studio on Belmont
one of many other postcards
Gustav Friede
Paint & Wall Paper Store
1909-1913 postcard
Lake View Real Estate:
Pine Grove Hotel Apartments

Real estate pamphlets

The Dorian at Barry
playing cards
A Home on Stratford Place, 
City of Lake View
Apartment Hotels:
The Park Lane Apartment Hotel
Wellington Arms Apartment Hotel

The Lessing Annex Apartments

Rienzi Hotel
once located 1/4 of a block east of Broadway on Diversey

 Brewster Apartments

Brompton Palace Apartments

Chateau Hotel

Belair Hotel

Cambridge Apartment Hotel
The Surf Apartments
Park Lane Hotel

a vintage hanger from the Park Lane Apartment Hotel currently called Reside on Surf
The Hotel Belmont

a matchbook
 reverse side
a silver tray
silver bread tray
this is a 15 page 
leather cover booklet  from 1947

The Houses of Worship:
Lake View Presbyterian
Anshe Emet Synagogue
St. Peters Episcopal

Evanston (Broadway) Methodist
now called Broadway Methodist Church 
(This the original building) 

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

1907 Silver 
Jubilee Book
The First Church
their theater
a pocket/purse mirror
Temple Sholom

b&w photos

An Anniversary Booklet
their first temple in Lake View was on the corner of Grace & Pine Grove, now called Anshe Emet Synagogue

Lake View Congregation Church
prayer book-markers of silk
reverse side
and the reverse side
Trinity Lutheran Church
a 94 page 50th anniversary book
The Lake View 
Free Mission Church

on the northwest corner of Kenmore/School Street. 
The building was converted to condos. The building below also was converted to residential living.
Lake View Norwegian 
Evangelical Lutheran 
 their Program Booklet
love the ads! (missing the cover)

 the first church on Roscoe & (Osgood) Kenmore
Chicago Gospel Tabernacle
once located on Barry & Halsted
a 1938 memorial booklet
A Song Booklet
selected pages

Methodist Episcopal Church
church construction 1889

Fullerton Avenue 
Presbyterian Church
the township church

Presbyterian Church
a full page
Missionary Training School

 the back of each b&w postcard

Across the Street 
in Lincoln Park

Bethlehem United
Church of Christ
of the Sacred Heart
on Pine Grove
The Angel Guardian 
Township of Lake View

The Local Area Schools:
Lake View School #2  
In 1889 when the City of Lake View was annex to Chicago Lake View had 4 school districts and 14 schools one of which was the high school. The graduation photo above is from Lake View #2 in School District #1 once located on Diversey Parkway (Avenue) just west of Seminary Avenue.
zoomed views below
former known as Lake View #1
 by 1893 there were two buildings - the first building in back and connected with a structural connection
1959 Newsletter
(Facebook Album)
front & back covers
Ravenswood Elementary

Ravenswood School with a building along Paulina Avenue now a open space for the students

 Lake View High School
(a collection of yearbooks in another post)
The building to the left of the photo was replaced - it was the built after a fire destroyed the initial building in the late 19th century
 zoomed below
reverse side

 this booklet covers from 1929-1932

The  Social Clubs of Lake View:
Turn Verein Lincoln
now the Lincoln Park Athletic Club
This German-American club was a combination of a gym/dining established in the Township of Lake View. The south border of the 
City of Lake View was Fullerton Avenue.
 Their Anniversary Booklet

Rienzi Cafe
This restaurant/cafe was located to the best of my knowledge on the northeast corner of Broadway/Diversey 
and not Clark, as indicated in both postcards. Decades later the same owner would build an apartment hotel 
just east of the cafe (see apt hotel section)
Jaeger's Road Home

Gastis (Swedish) Restaurant 

below is a shopping bag from this restaurant 
Johnny's Restaurant 

Marty's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

 folded postcard
Sheridan Restaurant & Lounge

Grandma's Receipts

Schwaben Stube

Math Igler's Casino

a full menu

 a paper mat with a zoomed view below
Complimentary Photo Album
The Cove 

at Hotel Belmont
both sides of menu

each side of menu

Kenessey Gourmet Internationale
at the Hotel Belmont
Gruss Dom Deutschen Erk

Ann Sather (Swedish) Diner

the first location menu
and then moved ...

 some good recipes

a menu
Franksville at Wrigleyville

 once across street from Wrigley Field 
on the southwest corner
Martha Washington Candy's
Isbell's Restaurant and Lounge

Gate of Horn on Broadway

'The Other Brother'
on Cornelia/Halsted
Homestead Foods Place Mat
A Pre-1909 Advertisement
the post 1909 address was 1608 Fullerton Avenue
Theaters in the Area:
The Julian Vaudeville
 once located midway from Clark Street to the Red-Line 
on the north-side of Belmont Avenue
Lake Shore Theater
minature program booket
Buckingham Theater
Chateau Theatre
once located across the street from Marigold Gardens 
on Grace & Broadway - northwest corner
 Vic (
Victoria) Theatre

 known currently as the Vic
 love the ads!

Ivanhoe Restaurant 
& Theater [Playhouse]
the playhouse blended dining 
with live theater performances

An Special Occasion Menu

 a menu mailer

dinner plate
 small plate & cream pitcher
oval dish
a drinking mat 
A Set of Drink Sticks

a mailer
A Swedish Singing Club
J.C. Deagan Company 
Stationary signed by the owner in 1913
Chimes manufactured by Deagan

This is a J.C. Deagan & Company railroad 4 note xylophone Diner Chime that could have been used for schools or homes. The notes are E flat, A flat, C, E flat.

3018 N Clark Street

once located on Sheffield south of Belmont 
- west side of street

 selected pages from the original album 
 zoomed from above

a booklet

This ballroom was noted for making money from dancing 
for the maximum hours 
during the Great Depression of 1929

The Marine (Federal) Hospital 
This Federal Hospital was once located in the Township/City of Lake View and then in the neighborhood of Buena Park. Currently the location of Malt Disney Magnet School. The hospital's complete name was 'Marine Hospital for Sailors and Soldiers' built in the 1870's and razed by the 1960's.
Congressional Report 1901
request for repairs to the Federal Gov't
 Lake View Hospital 
Established a decade after the annexation of the City of Lake View. Between 1889 and late 1920's the former township/city 
was referred to as the District of Lake View.
German American Hospital
Union Hospital
 to later be called 
Illinois Masonic Hospital 

 at the same location of the initial building
Their Nursing School
located just west of Broadway on Belmont Avenue

this entrance is now tucked away 


St. Joseph's Hospital

their 1959 cookbook
selected pages
Columbus Hospital & Shrine
District of Lake View

The Township Library
constructed for the Ravenswood-Lake View Historical 
Society (Association)
 once located on the southwest corner of 
Montrose (Sulzer Road) & Hermitage (Commercial Ave)
 YMCA Lake View

Lake View's Old Commercial District:
Coin Bank
 sold at Wieboldt's
a back to school globe
An Ashtray for the Elevator
A Green Stamp Book

full page advertisement
Sales Person's Christmas Pin
F.W Woolworth Company
a in-store sign
Large Shopping Bag
Seasonal Employee Pin
 2 page 1955 magazine ad
(Facebook album)
Christmas Ornaments
Hirsch Clothes
for men & women
a payment booklet
A Mailer Postcard
Trading Stamps Booklet
Sales Person's Pin
1956 Full Size Magazine Ad
5lb Grass Seed Bag
made of cotton
 Brass Bronze Cement Edger
The Banks:
Lake View Trust & Savings

an advertisement booklet of their newer building 

 front and back covers are the same
Savings bank Tin
patent in 1918

Coin Holder
Lake View State Bank
a stock certificate

1929 to the early 1930's

and then a name change

The Diversey Golf Course - 9 holes

The Outer Drive - Lake Shore Drive
Pine Grove & Diversey
Vintage Area Businesses:
Township/City/District of Lake View
 a salesman's calling card to a client
a terra cotta laced lion

another saleman's sampler
11'' height
a pipe holder
A Slab from St. Boniface School 
The school was located at 1346 W Chestnut. It was closed in 1983 and demolished in 2003.
face view
12 x 6 in size
top & side views
text from Urban Remains
"Original late 19th or early 20th century American red speckled glazed finish ornamental terra cotta denticle brick or block salvaged from the facade of St. Boniface School shortly before its demolition in the 1990's. the early American terra cotta ornament was originally apart of the facade's elaborate projecting cornice. the panel has been lightly cleaned and sealed. great for display on a custom mount. the church, school and rectory - originally serving a German congregation in the 19th century - were designed by notable ecclesiologist and church architect Henry Schlacks. Mr. Schlacks trained in the firm of Adler and Sullivan and briefly partnered with Henry Ottenheimer. This piece is a beautiful example of a utilitarian design that incorporated lively ornamentation and character. the facade featured five prominent arched arcades with window panes that formed a trefoil, motif. the terra cotta pilasters were adorned with capitals containing winged-cherubs. various figural rondels and or rondels with faces adorn the building’s facade in high relief between the spandrels. after many years the church released the terra cotta where it was made available for purchase. Urban Remains holds much of the cornice and capitals. the uniquely finished,
 red speckled terra cotta that was executed 
by the Northwestern Terra Cotta company, Chicago."
promotional pages
Illinois Malleable Iron Company
This company had 3 plants 
in the Township/City/District of Lake View
Abbott Laboratory
Lake View Township, 
Community of Ravenswood
A 1914 Advertisement from a Magazine
A.L. Luetgert Sausage Works
Lake View Township
Deering Works/International Harvester
Township/City/District of Lake View

an interesting advertisement and on the other side ...

 their product was truly international
A Story Book
postcard size

their Newsletter
12 x 12 in size

 a letter signed by the president of the company
Northwestern Coffee & Tea Company?
910 Clybourn Avenue 
City of Lake View 
with a post 1909 address of 2429 N Clybourn Avenue

Curt Teich & Company
Irving Park Road/Ravenswood Avenue

the building are now residences
 some of their products below ...
 on the flip side of the postcards is
the name of the manufacturer

Mini-Postcards in a Mini Envelope

  zoomed from above
American Color-Type 
two city locations 
Their Short Story Booklets:


A Salesman Book 
for F.W. Woolworth & Company


 a zoomed view

a zoomed view

Postcards in an Envelope


Chicago Tribune Inserts 1914
full page in size & 

 date on the bottom of print
 the back of each print 

A Cut-Out Booklet
selected pages from booklet

The Curtiss Candies Company
Store Display Advertisement 
their warehouse address on Broadway north of Addison
invoices from their HQ on Diversey/Broadway

stationary from their factory on Halsted
stationary from their warehouse location on Belmont
 a framed puzzle ...

 the reverse side of puzzle
with original envelope
Ladies Lip Stick Tissures
3 x 2.25 in size
Candy Box
Life Magazine Center-Fold Ads
22.5 x 14 in size
and the back 
and the back 
and the back 
and the back
and the back
and the back 
Magazine Single Page Ads
and the back 
from a standard size magazine
and the back 
from a standard size magazine
and the back
forgotten dates ...
reverse side
reverse side
Train Set Metal Box Cars
first one
second one
third one
fourth one
Reed Candy
quart size glass jar
jumbo size tin
medium size tin
small size tin
a jazz club
LaSalle Bank Marathon Pin 

Sewing Tape
Lake View State Bank
Books, Booklets, and Magazines:
The Lake View Saga 
the 1st edition 
Hard Cover Version 
Soft Cover Version
 the original published story of Lake View

The 2nd Edition
Soft Cover

  the second edition

Other Perspectives 
of Lake View

 I was acknowledge in the book as a contributor

  I was acknowledge in the book as a contributor
American Priestess
a story of Lake View missionaries
The Chicago 77
list of official Communites
 Lake View Township/City Cemeteries:
Rosehill Cemetery 
(a reproduction)

Graceland Cemetery

The Crime of the Century
a true 1899 story of murder and politics in Lake View 

Big Bill [Thompson] of Chicago

 William Hale Thompson was a three term mayor of Chicago and a resident of Lake View

Wellington Avenue Congregational Church
this booklet may be a reproduction
Alderman Dick Simpson 
 Dick Simpson was a lakefront liberal who represented the 44th ward in the Chicago City Council. He tried to revolutionize his ward 
by trying to broaden the democratic process
 his book

St. Alphonsus Parish

Preservation Magazine
a 2001 publication

this magazine features the community of Ravenswood 
and the future of Wrigley Field

Chicago's Lake Shore Drive 

Chicago Transformed
LGBT (Gay)
 News & Entertainment

Roscoe Tavern's 
Chicago Gay Pride Rainbow Bandana
 LGBTQ History
Lake View 
Flying Booklet

the history

 Transportation Artifacts:
Chicago Elevated Rail Ways System
(a reproduction)
A 1910-ish Rand McNally 
Pocket Map
A 1912 Elevated Map

 # 8 Halsted from Clark Street 
Halsted #8 at Waveland
Pre CTA:
Chicago Electric Railways

8.5 x 11.5 in size
 zoomed below 
Rapid Transit Tickets

The North Shore Line 
with a stop at Belmont L Station
half price from Kenosha to Belmont Station
a 1946 Brochure

zoomed from above

 zoomed from above
Chicago Surface Lines
full page advertisements 1945-46

Paper Tickets
Chicago Consolidated Traction Company
Chicago Surface Lines 
Chicago Surface Lines
Chicago Surface Lines

Chicago Transit Authority

 Chicago Rapid Transit Brochure  
a war year
zoomed from above 

The north-side border has not change 
from 1921 very much

 the north-side
 the backside of the brochure
Motor Coach Company
Chas. A. Hohmeier Lumber Company
Chicago Coin Company
once located at 1725 Diversey Parkway
Street Signs:
the yellow & black

An A/B Elevated Station Sign
Lincoln Avenue Bus Sign
route shortened in 2015
Belmont Station L Sign
Elevated Curbs 1940
exact location unknown

Riding in 'Cold' Railcar 
Lake View 
Chicago Mayor & Lake View Resident
'Big Bill' Thompson was a three term mayor in the early part of the 20th century. He and his wife lived on the northwest corner of Sheridan (inner LSD) and Belmont Avenue

a campaign gathering in 1927
Airbourne 'Big Bill' in 1927

 zoomed below
A Photo-op with Ruth Etting
a 1931 campaign parade
A  1931 Campaign Newsletter
 selected pages 8 x 17 in size

A Campaign Tactic
He was not a fan of the British per this cartoon 
1928 newspaper 
the second page
 William Hearst with the mayor in 1930
zoomed below
A City Council Tally Sheet
William Hale Thompson - mayor
Lake View area aldermen:
O.F. Nelson - 46th ward
Albert E. Losescher - 44th ward
William H. Feighenbutz - 45th ward
John Hoellen - 47th ward
zoomed views below
below - back in the political game in 1936
signing a anti-war WWII petition in 1938
Campaign Pins
A Book About Him
Gloria Swanson was born her!
1945 Playbill

Advertisement for LSD 1930
near Lincoln Park
Black & White Press Photographs:
Belmont (Yacht) Harbor Section
opened by 1916
A Late 1910's? View

zoom view of a 1910ish auto
A mid 1920's View
along Sheridan Road
Another 1920's View
from a negative
zoom view of the bridge
zoom view of the autos
the negative below

1925 Advertisement
zoomed view below
the new harbor to the right
1929 Midwest Storm
their were two - April & October
zoomed view below
1932 Advertisement
zoomed view below
heading south from Melrose
1935 Traffic Flow
zoomed view below
Belmont Avenue Bridge
at Lake Sore Drive
negatives late 1930's or early 40's
last piece to be constructed from the 1937-42 WPA project
1940 Advertisement
zoomed view below
Sail on Fire in 1948
1954 Nike Missile Station

1956 Waiting for the Owners
1958 Setting Sail
zoomed view below
1959 Aerial View

zoomed view below
1961 Smelt Fishing
1962 Heavy Fog
1963 USSR Sails
1963 Car Overboard
1963 Dead Fish
1965 Safety First

Biking in 1965 
A 1966 Aerial View - Nike Missile Sight

1969 Abandoned Nike Missile Site
 1971 Nike Missile Station

1971 All Aboard!
1973 Si├Ęcle Lake Event

1974 CYC at Sail
1975 Oily Waters

1976 CYC Race
1977 Fishing Alone
zoomed view below
1977 Salmon Dump

1977 Parking Security
Over-size Photo Aerial 1978 View
1979 Students at Sail
1980 Burst into Flames
1980 Icy Waters
1988 Winter Fishing
1990 Spring Prepping
1993 Doggy Beach
1993 Walking the Dog in the Winter
zoomed below
Ivanhoe Restaurant 
& Theater Section
bomb blast repair in 1964
Cooking in 1969
Dining in 1973
Beginning of the End in 1975
Prepping for the Night Show in 1976
The Fire of 1977
Lake View's 
Social Scenes:
The 2nd Lake View Post Office 
on Clark/Irving Park Road
unknown date
1947 Waveland Ice Rink 
1950's A College Student Protest 
on Broadway/Surf 

I had this negative processed to a print by
Artlynn Photography in Evergreen Park
1954 Traffic Flow on LSD
north from Melrose
1955 New High-Rise
1956 Nettelhorst students
1957 Fire on Waveland
1957 LSD north of Brompton Avenue
1958 Commerial District
 Lake View High Stage 
 This 1955 photo was donated to this site by a Carole E. Brennan who also donated all of her Lake View High School yearbooks. 
The photo depicts The Annual Spring Festival

1958 At Nettelhorst School 

zoomed from above
1958 At the Old Town Hall 

1960 Wieboldt's Window Shopping 
1960 Abandon Autos on Irving Park Road
1963? WOOGM Parade
1965 Once a Slum
1967 Laundry on the Sidewalk
1967 St. Joseph Hospital
1969 Lincoln Park Gun Club 

Alderman of the Area:
zoomed from above

1970-71 Native American Protests 

zoomed from above
and then next year the protest moved to Belmont Harbor 1971

zoomed from above 
1971 Community Protest 

 zoomed from above
1972 Flood
1973 Vandalism
1973 Waveland Golf Course 
currently the 
Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course

zoomed from above 
1973 Belmont Rocks
1973 Abandoned Lots
1974 Rentals to Condo's
zoomed below

1974 Waveland Rocks
1975 Snowy Waveland Tennis Court
1975 Waveland Golf Course 
currently the called
Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course

1976 Tokyo Rose
1977 Red-Lining
1977 Rentals to Condo's
1977 A Park in Back
1981 LSD near Addison south
1981 Shops on Broadway/Belmont
1981 Kids in a Puddle
1982 Belmont Ave. Shops
1982 Fitness along LSD 
1982 Pets on Parade on Lincoln Avenue 
1983 Corner of Belmont/Broadway
1984 Southpost Lanes
1984 The Gov at Murphy's Bleachers
1984 Fire on Halsted
1984 Home on Hawthorn Place

zoomed below
1984 Pet Parade
1985 Jogging Along the Shore
at 3500 North
1988 Fog on the Course
1991 Ice Skating
1993 No More Gun Club
Negatives to Prints
I purchased these negatives from Ebay and then had them professionally developed by Artlynn Photography in Evergreen Park.  According to Ebay the negatives dated 1949? and appear to be from Montrose Harbor looking southwest??

Personal Snap Shots 1950
 above southeast corner of Clark & Belmont
*These photos are postcard size*
below northwest corner of Clark & Belmont

 below view east on Fletcher Avenue that highlights the
Curtiss Candy factory on Broadway 
Medal Ware, Buttons & Pins:
Lake View Woman Club

Political Buttons

original buttons
 Masonic Chapters in Lake View
 reverse side
Lake View High School Pin
It's actual size below
Lake View Council Pin
Boy Scouts of America
Chicago Areas Council/Lake View
1930-2014 and then merged
Local Businesses:
C. Hoffman and Company
zoomed view of the words 'Lake View, Illinois' probably indicating the City of Lake View 1887-1889
A Medical Bottle
Wieland Dairy Company 

reverse side
Bordon Merger
one gallon  metal container
reverse side
Lake View Rifle Club
once located on the Lake View Hotel property
Chicago Area Council/Lake View
Mr. Blumers Cleaner (detergent)
soap still inside
The Best Brewing Company
Martha Washington Candies 
on Broadway

Monstary Hill Company
(still exist since 1868)
book publishing 
anniversay playing cards
Croname & Company
a local manufacturer 

once located on Grace Street and Ravenswood Avenue

a Florist Shop

A local Walgreens
 4 x 2 envelope
A Local Newspaper Business Card
Lochby Court
once located on the northwest corner of Belmont & inner LSD
(Facebook Album)
once located at the 2900 block of Lake View Avenue
The Lake View Water Works and Crib
These reporduction photos were purchased from Ebay then edited by me. I added information on the reverse side
 and finally laminated all of them. 

 in transition 1913
the second building

 the interior 

 The Crib
The Lake View Crib was demolished 
at the turn of the 20th century

The underground tunnel 

History of Chicago Highways
a neighborhood of Lake View
There would not be a Wrigleyville without a Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field Postcards & Collectables
This selection contains postcards, magazines, and books. I have another post about WF that will only contain black & white photos - mostly press photos
the first occupants of the property
Then in 1914 ...
 known as Weeghman Park
 reverse side of previous image
 the baseball park a some name changes in the beginning
  reverse side of previous image

 reverse side of previous image
same design but another color scheme

same design but another color scheme

 and the reverse side ...



 a 1945 pin 
and below Chicago Bears who called Wrigley Field home (from 1920 as the Staley's) 1921-1970
Retro Postcards

More Postcards

An Over-sized Postcard 9''x 7''
 Jumbo Reproduction 
above image is probably dated in the 1940's
and below the 1932 Chicago Bears 
at snowy Wrigley Field 1921-1970
the kids vs adults??
5''x 7'' postcards

2001 US stamp and postcard

Greeting Cards

Calendar Postcards

Vine Line Collection Postcards

The Vine Line Collection 2001

Baseball Cards
This section of the post is devoted to baseball cards that were purchased from Ebay and donated by my neighbor - there son was a collector - he donated his Cubs cards to me. I begin with the Chicago Whalers also known as the Chicago Federals after the construction of Weeghman Park in 1914.

1963 Chicago Bears

The Lincoln-Belmont Booster 
a 1930ish business card
This local paper served the Lake View community for decades
Lake View Scouts Neckerchief

WWII Ration Book
from a former resident of Lake View, Carole E Brennan 
from Barry Avenue

Ferris Wheel Park 
District of Lake View
view from the North Lagoon/Lincoln Park in 1903

Post Note:
I hope my collection will entice the viewer to explore my extensive blog and learn more of the history of our community that I once called home. Donations (not a non-profit) are wonderful to receive and will be posted in the blog with full credit to the donor.

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