March 25, 2024

The Title Page to my Blog

 The Historical Chronicle

 of  the

Community of 

Lake View

in Chicago

Lake View began as a township in the mid 19th century and briefly as a city in Cook County just north of Chicago. After the annexation of the City of Lake View to Chicago the area was referred to as a District within Chicago until the late 1920's with the establishment of 77 official Communities in Chicago such as Lake View, Uptown, Lincoln Park, North Center, among a few.

This is a topical blog (over 70 posts) about the history of Lake View that covers topics like Wrigley Field, Houses of Worship, the Hospitals, Schools, Theaters, commerical establishments of the past, and much more that also includes a subpost with links to my private collection of artifacts on everything Lake View that is list below.

My Private Collection
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