May 31, 2011

Worship: Lutheran

The next several posts pertain to the various Houses of Worship discovered in our community. These Houses of Worship were either constructed in the Township of Lake View (1857-87), the City of Lake View (1887-89), or the District of Lake View (1889 by 1930) and finally as one of the 77 communities of Chicago in a much smaller geographical presence

These Houses of Worship 
mentioned will be expounded in a series of posts.
 The selection of Houses of Worship are subjective due to my limited time restraints. If you need me to input one 
I missed please let me know!

location change/mission change
and before that it was ...
First Norwegian Lutheran 
District of Lake View
Community of Lake View
the original church
photo - zoomed photo from their ad benefit booklet below
Their 95th Year for the congregation 
in 1943
& 48 Years in the District of Lake View
The original church burnt in 1871. The North Side membership purchased lots in 1891 at Osgood (now Kenmore) and Roscoe Streets, in the Lake View. A church building (which now houses a mosque) was purchased from Ravenswood Methodist Church at Hermitage and Sunnyside Avenues and moved two miles to Osgood and Roscoe. In 1922, the congregation voted to join the Norwegian Lutheran Church in America. In 1958, the popularly-used name Lake View Lutheran Church was formally adopted. The original church still stands but was converted for a Islamic congregation.
a 2019 Google view of the current building
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map views
same name and location in 1950
in 1952
The Move to 
Addison Street in 1961
photos - Lisa W. and Matt L. via Yelp!
             A New Look
In 2020 the church building on Addison Street will be replaced 
with a mixed use church/residential development
images - 44th ward office
This is a proposal to turn the Lakeview Lutheran Church, which has a smaller congregation than in the past, into a mixed use-church and disability accessible rental building. This development will serve residents at or below 30% of the area’s median income with accessibility needs, which is a hard to serve population.  It is an opportunity to provide affordable and permanent supportive housing in this location. The proposed building includes both landscaping and lighting to increase safety around the site. The proposed building is six stories and has a height of 69 feet. - 44th ward development
1915 Benefit Booklet 
(now part of my collection)
 all photos - Ebay
I liked the vintage advertisements
Bethlehem Evangelical 
Lutheran Church
Township of Lake View
City of Lake View
Community of Lake View
photo - GXM via Flickr
2010 photo - via Penny Heise DiGiovanni
Rascher's Atlas Map
zoomed view below
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

photo above - DNAinfo
photo below - Chicago Architecture 

next to the church was saved from the wrecking ball
photo - Liz Terrones via Forgotten Chicago-Facebook
Celebrating 60th Years
in 1958
A Family, a House 
and their Church 
photos & storyline 
by Penny Heise DiGiovanni 
 Her home at 1105 W Wellington Avenue
According to Penny Heise DiGiovanni, this photo has Harry Heise, her father, photographed with his mother 
Dora Heise nee Kollbaum. 
 Her aunt Dora’s father Jurgen Kollbaum built the house Penny lived at as a child at 1105 W Wellington - constructed in the early 1890’s. Her grandfather Richard Heise & grandmother Dora were married in Bethlehem Evangelical Church in October 1898
 later to be known as Bethlehem United. 
 below is the interior of the church in 2010
According to the Chicago Public Library “ a church building was erected at the southwest corner of Diversey and Magnolia Avenue, an opulent testimony to the upper-middle-class lifestyle of the Lake View German population” [when this area of the neighborhood was part of the Township of Lake View]. Rev. Johannes Kircher founded the Bethlehem Evangelical Church in December 1883. He remained pastor of Bethlehem Evangelical until his death in 1915. 
The photo below is of the founder Rev. Johannes Kircher
100 Year
Anniversary Booklet
a contribution from
Ms Pakollman-Thompson
the program food menu
Trinity Swedish Evangelical 
Lutheran Church
Township of Lake View
City of Lake View
Community of Lake View
church to residental
Its' 70th Year 
in 1953
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Trinity Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church – 3101 N. Seminary at Barry – is an 1896 building, constructed to house a congregation founded in 1883. The church’s second pastor, who served from 1901 well into the 1920's, gained some notoriety for his remarkable resemblance to President Hoover. Trinity Swedish Lutheran was followed by the Church of the Valley Assemblies of God – per the sign which remains attached to the building! - Chicago Sojourn
(My Facebook Album)
from the book
1933 view vs a 2020 view
located on Kenmore & Barry
the parish house signage still in view
on Barry Avenue
(2021 video)
 photos - Chicago Crain Business

a 1929 Program Booklet
mostly in Swedish
(My Facebook album)
love the ads ...
and apparently related 
due to a language dispute
Messiah Evangelistic Lutheran Church
District of Lake View
currently called
Community of Lake View 
text below - from a book about this church
Swedish Language vs English
for Mass
Late in the 19th century, Swedish immigrants were moving to Chicago and settling on the city’s north side. Trinity Lutheran Church was founded by Swedes in 1883 on the corner of Seminary and Noble (now Barry). The building is still there, but it has since been converted into condos. The community at Trinity worshipped in Swedish. In 1896 Messiah Lutheran Church was founded by 14 families from Trinity who wanted to worship in English. 
- from their history page
50th Anniversary 
in 1946

a 2020 view
Evangelical Lutheran 
of St. Luke Parish
Township of Lake View
City of Lake View
Community of Lake View
 images - 'Lake View' by Matt Nickerson
An Historical Account of this Congregation
in 2021

In 1976, the congregation left the Missouri Synod and today is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Rascher's Atlas Map
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
zoomed below
Fire in 1899
 the fire - an interior view
image - 'Lake View' by Matt Nickerson
interior of the second church - date unknown 
 image - 'Lake View' by Matt Nickerson 
 page image - 'Lake View' by Matt Nickerson
 image - 'Lake View' by Matt Nickerson
the new church and old school
 image - 'Lake View' by Matt Nickerson
The nave of the new church
unknown date - Esty
photo below - Garry Albrecht
Svenska Ev. Lutherska Ebenezer Kyrkan
1650 W Foster Avenue 
District of Lake View
Community of Edgewater
1995 text - Touring Swedish Chicago
the rendering 
photos via Chris K Cororan, Forgotten Chicago-Facebook
Chris K Cororan owns this blueprint
His great-grandfather was the architect
text below - Chris K Cororan
An Historical Brief
Ebenezer Lutheran Church was organized as a congregation of the Augustana Lutheran Synod on January 20, 1892 by the Swedish immigrants of Andersonville (Edgewater). Our name means: “Thus the Lord has helped us.” At the height of the immigration period of the twentieth century, the congregation grew to nearly 3000 weekly attendees among 4 Sunday services. At that time the congregation was a center of religion, culture, and family activity for this new Swedish community. The congregation continued as a member of the Lutheran Church in America in the early 1960’s and subsequently as a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America when it was formed in 1988. During the mid-1950’s, the congregation began to perceive that its mission and ministry extended beyond the Swedish community. This new direction was enhanced as Andersonville became less Swedish and more multi-cultural.
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
zoomed below
Fire of 1907?

1986 photos - Chicago Public Library via Explore Chicago

Evangelical Lutheran
The church was for the Lutheran Seminary School 
now the home of Wrigley Field
District of Lake View
1894 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
zoomed below
book image - Lake View by Matthew Nickerson
Lutheran Church
District of Lake View
Community of  LakeView
1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
and basically the same view in 1950
zoomed view below
50th Anniversary 
in 1944
book images below - Lake View by Matthew Nickerson
photos below - Yelp
photos - their Facebook page
Lake View Swedish 
Lutheran Mission Church
Township of Lake View
City of Lake View
according to Matt Nickerson, author of the book  
'East Lake View' it was later called ... 
Lake View Mission Covenant Church
Community of Lake View
Church to Residental
photo via Matt Nickerson
images - Ebay

A Special Thanks to: Lori Trentanelli, a contributor to my sister site on Facebook called 'LakeView Historical', regarding some corrections to this blog post. This post was a challenge the names and relationship between congregations. I hope for now I correctly got it right. 

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This post is part of a 6 part series of blog posts about 
'Houses of Worship' according to faith. Most Houses of Worship have attached schools on their private property that I may or may not be highlight in any of these posts. These following posts only briefly narrate a particular institution and 'pray' I did not forget one.

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