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June 28, 2011

Outside Social & Military Gatherings

This post
highlights gatheringsfestivals and parades
 as well as the outside movies shown in selected areas in old and current Lake View
Most outside gatherings occurred in picnic groves during the warm months. The most notable according to newspaper articles was events at Sharpshooter Park on Western Avenue and the Old Settlers' Picnic in Harms Park also on Western Avenue - Western Avenue was the street that bordered the Township/City of Lake View and the former Township of Jefferson, both annexed in 1889 to Chicago.
And lastly, a miltary/mustering gathering at Wrightwood Woods.

was officially known as
Schuetzen Park

1894 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map vol A
with zoomed view below
zoomed further 
section 1
section 2
Thousands of Chicagoans and folks for the surrounding townships were show at one time
Picnic and kids with Rifles in 1877
Over 15k in Attendance in 1887
The Swedes at a Gathering in 1895
The Poles had a Gathering in 1896
The Old Settler's in 1903
at Harm's Park
photo - Daily New Archives
1894 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
The apparent location of the park based on the information from Forgotten Chicago - title link
Many events and festivals were held in Harms Park, most notably the Chicago Old Settlers’ Picnic, which celebrated the north-sider's  oldest citizens. The year 1937 marked Chicago’s hundredth year, and the Chicago Charter Jubilee held various celebrations and events, among them this picnic, which was held annually until 1946. This Charter Jubilee was also responsible for the placement of many historical plaques in various places throughout the city.  
- Forgotten Chicago
According to several Chicago Tribune articles Harms Park was a popular location for this event since 1874. The first event was held at Harms Park with up to 5000 residents gathered to celebrate a Chicago annual tradition. According to a photo of the Daily News Archives the Old Settlers Picnic was at least once held in Riverview Park in 1905,once part of Schuetzen Park, one year after its own public opening. - see photo above
The Picnic of 1939
Picnic of 1944 
Picnic of 1945 
Entertainment Spots:
District of Lake View
Ferris Wheel Park was established in 1895 when Lake View was a newly formed District of Chicago along Clark Street between Wrightwood Avenue just south of Diversey Avenue (Parkway).
Ferris Wheel Park was the creation of a transportation baron from the 19th century who owned streetcar rail company from Chicago to Clark & Wrightwood so that folks from Chicago could reach this amazement park for his own personal financial gain. 
The park existed for a brief period of time in the 1890's.
The neighbors hated it!!    photo below via Calumet 412
Community of North Central
This park was established in 1913, west of Western Avenue and just across the street from the old border with the District of Lake View. 
There was a separate streetcar to the park on Roscoe Street while the main roadways to the park was Belmont Avenue & Addison Street
The American 
Civil War:
TThe State of Illinois was a major source of troops for the Union Army (particularly for those armies serving in the Western Theater of the Civil War), and of military supplies, food, and clothing. Situated near major rivers and railroads, Illinois became a major jumping off place early in the war for Ulysses S. Grant's efforts to seize control of the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers. Statewide, public support for the Union was high despite Copperhead sentiment. However, not everyone in the state supported the war. In fact, there were even calls for secession in Southern Illinois or Little Egypt by several residents. In Marion residents voted to secede from the United States. A few, even, volunteered for the Confederate States Army in Tennessee. - Wikipedia 

IApril 1864, Governor Brough and the governors of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin met together and lobbied the federal government jointly to accept militia forces from each state for active duty. On April 21, they sent their formal proposal to President Abraham Lincoln. While Governor Brough had hoped this surplus of men would result in Confederate defeat in one hundred days or less, the South's downfall did not occur in this time limit. Nevertheless, the surge in men did provide the federal government with additional soldiers who helped the Northern military win several important victories during the summer of 1864, bringing the Confederacy closer to collapse. -

The Mustering 
at Wrightwood Grove
once part of the Township of Lake View
This segment lists the boys of Lake View Township that volunteerly joined the Amerian Civil War in 1864 for only 100 days.
Lake View Township in 1862
The WL Flower Map
The borders of the township were the lake to the east, Western Avenue to the west, Fullerton Avenue to the south, 
and Devon Avenue to the north.
Wrightwood Grove area in 1870
photograph of Camp Fry via modern historian Stephen Osman 
A Sample Gathering 
at Wright Grove in 1869
The regiments/companies 
that mustered at Camp Fry
published text 
by Stephen Osman, modern historian
The residents of the township were all in the 134th either in Company D and F
Phillip S Wood
Conrad Bristler
apparent brothers
George & Charles Catlin
according to Library of Congress
Mayor William Hale 
TThe last Republican mayor of Chicago was a World War I pacifist. He was also a pacifist in 1939. In 1917 he allowed the 
NNational Council of American Democracy & Peace to gather again in Chicago. This move almost doomed his mayoral status. The mayor was anti-British in a city that had a influencial German-American and Irish population at the time.
The city alderman were 
not happy either
Honoring Soldiers on
Dedication Day 
(Veterans Day)
in 1944
Bosworth & Grace
Honoring on
Veterans Day 1968
at Greenview & Wolfram
 photos by Nick Nikola Sr. 
via LakeView Historical-Facebook
2019 view of same corner
via Google Maps
The structural bases of the Flag Poles 
on another corner
in 2019
Greenview & Mildred
The Modern
and Events
In order to find these and other gatherings google the 
Chambers of Commerce
many of these events can be located at
The Events Timeline 
as of 2023:
(I am sure I missed one or 2)
Soup Walk &
Frost Fest Craft Beer Festival
once called the Halsted Winter Fest
Restaurant Week
Chicago Shamrock Crawl in Wrigleyville!
Taste of NorthHalsted
Ravenswood 5k
Run for the Rose 5k
Chicago Pickle Fest
Cover the Bases
Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival
WOOGMS Memorial Day Parade
Lincoln Roscoe Art Craft Fair
Live Lakeview
SausageFest Chicago
Chicago Pride Fest
Summer on Southport
'Gay' Pride Parade
Southport Art Fest
Ravenswood SideWalk Sale
Live on Lincoln
Southport Art Festival
Taste of Lakeview
 and once called Rock Around the Block
Dine Out Broadway
(July - through Sept)
Southport Art Festival
Senior Picnic
Dine Out Broadway
(July & Sept)
Wrigleyville Summerfest
OUT at Wrigley
Northalsted Market Days
WOOGMS Labor Day Parade
Lakeview East Festival of the Arts
Octoberfest at St. Alphonsus
Kids Bike Ride
Ravenswood Art Walk

Race to Wrigley
Ravenswood Art Walk
Ravenswood Costume Crawl
Bank of America Marathon
former known as La Salle Marathon
Graceland West Fest
Trick or Treat on Southport
Halloween Block Party 
Life Time Turkey Day Chicago
Wrigleyville Lantern Parade
12 Bars of Christmas
The Southport Holiday Stroll
The Holly Jolly (Ravenswood) Trolly
Most Fabulous Santa Speedo Run

The Events
 in Some Detail:  
Warm up to winter! From super cool winter exhibits to a steamy soup walk that's sure to warm your bones, there's something for everyone at Northalsted Winter Fest. Our restaurants, retailers and performers will be dishing out fire and ice to make this a
 'Sunday Funday' for the books - since 2014

NorthHalsted Business Alliance is holding a Winter Fest for the first time later this month, with hopes that fire dancers, an ice sculptor and free hot soup will attract people out into the cold. In the 7-Eleven parking lot at 3407 N. Halsted St., an artist will be sculpting chunks of ice into works of art with a chainsaw during the day. At Taverna 750's patio, 750 W. Cornelia Ave., dancers will be performing with fire. And outside Kit Kat Lounge, 3700 N Halsted St., the club's drag queen divas will be dressed up as ice kings and queens for photos. - DNAinfo 2014 - and currently called ...

in Wrigleyville

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. That means you. Grab your closest friends and empty all the green gear out of your closest. It’s time for you to celebrate the right way as we take over the Wrigleyville neighborhood with this one of a kind event. Picture it: You’re laughing and singing and you start to feel that giddy St. Patrick’s Day morning buzz. All of a sudden, you realize that you can Irish dance! Then you realize that ALL of your friends can Irish dance too, and they can do it with beers in hand! Make this dream a reality. We’ll see you there. All of the venues are within walking distance so you can spend more time partying with friends.
since 1998
since 2020
Lock in and lace up for the Fourth Annual Run for Rosé 5K! This 3.1 miler is a fun run/walk along the lake (with an after party at our place) that we created as a way to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association and celebrate drinking pink.

Here is one snack that just doesn't get the credit that it is due..the PICKLE! We have heard the cries of pickle lovers world wide and so, in honor of this tangy delicious treat, we're throwing a street fest style party at the best bar in Wrigleyville! We will be partying all day with pickle beer, pickle cocktails and special pickle-focused food items! This will be a party that you will relish for the rest of your life!

Pickles, pickles, pickles, pickles and more pickles. There will be so much fun and food to choose from. The world is your oyster! ... or should we say, pickle?

Wearing GREEN is not required at Chicago Pickle Fest, but of course it's more fun if you do! - Eventbite

since 1996

This three-day celebration that began in 1995 kicks off the City of Chicago’s festival season. This event located at 3100 North Ashland near Lincoln Avenue brings in three days of celebration featuring Chicago’s BEST Bands, Festival Cuisine, pretzels, beer, and a broad spectrum of super cool entertainment starting off Friday with VIP Party for the general public.
 May since 1984

Established in 2001, this event is a weekend event that showcases local music talent.  The event is located between Belmont and Addison and along Sheffield. The Fest (video) offers continuous live music, tastings from area restaurants, and goods and wares from local merchants with the famous ballpark as a backdrop.
May since 2002
unknown date photo - Chicagoland-Facebook
This annual event kicks the cars off of beautiful Lake Shore Drive so you can peacefully ride their bike along it. You get to admire Chicago from one of its best vantage points and view LakeView East that includes Belmont Harbor along the outer drive. All eight lanes are open for riders along a 15 mile stretch. If you make the entire loop (north and south), it's a 30 mile ride. Marker 7 & 8 (mile) are located in Lake View. 
 since 2009
Lincoln Roscoe 
Art Craft Fair

This event, hosted by Special Service Area 27, is free and takes place on Lincoln Avenue between Roscoe and School Street. Returning to Chicago on Saturday this northside event features art for the home including fabulous paintings, sculptures, and fiber pieces, as well as décor, jewelry and more; all hand made by artists and artisans. Live music all weekend long, painting classes, selfie stations, festival food, interactive art activities for kids hosted by local businesses! Beer lovers will be happy to see a broad selection of brews for purchase presented by Friends of Lakeview and curated by locally based Bitter Pops.
Ravenswood SideWalk Sale
since 2024

The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the first Ravenswood Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, June 8th! Enjoy open air shopping, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and amazing specials along Montrose, Damen, Lawrence, and Ravenswood avenues. While you’re out exploring, enjoy an incredible brunch or delicious bite at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the neighborhood.

The Senior Picnic
since 2004
since 2018
The event hub is St. Alphonsus Church
 at 1429 W Wellington Avenue
June since 2010
*moved to Old Town as of 2015*
- Redeye pics
Celebrate all things having to do with encased meats at Sausagefest. This fest is in the shadow of Wrigley Field in the community of Wrigleyville. This annual summer street festival features plenty of live music, arts & crafts and, of course, stellar sausage offerings from local butcher shops and eateries such as Bobak's Sausage Company, Paulina Meat Market, Chicago's Dog House, Murphy's Bleachers, Notolli & Son Italian Sausage Shop and Greek Delights.
June since 2003
*once held on the same weekend as Pride*
2022 map
2022 photos below
Wrigley Aerials/Twitter
below Halsted/Waveland
Just steps away from the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, the two-day festival will showcase some of the city’s best and most diverse artists. Southport Art Fest will highlight a wide range art mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, jewelry, sculpture, photography, wood, glass, paper, metal, and mixed media at center stage all weekend long. - Choose Chicago
*apparently discontinued*
Once eleven local restaurants will set up booths along Aldine at Halsted for a walk-around tasting event including live music and entertainment in the form of the Waiter's Race Cup. Online sales are now closed. Tickets at the door cost $35, but you get access to some of the neighborhood's best restaurants and chefs including Yoshi's Cafe, HB Home Bistro, Hearty, D.S. Tequila Company, Chicago Diner, Las Mananitas, Whole Foods and more. 
Live on Lincoln

former names and logos

the original logo for this event below
since 1988
one of the first outdoor fests in Lake View
2017 photos - Southport Corridor News & Events 
once called
 Summer on Southport
south of the Belmont Harbor
since 2010
and apparently lasted about a hour
 photos - Flickr
Dine Out 
Wrigleyville Summerfest
since 2002
August since 1982
This lower photo as of 2012
A crowd of more than 100,000 from across the country will converge on Market Days on Halsted Street in August to celebrate an annual event. It's the largest two-day street fair in the Midwest and lives up to its reputation as one of the country's finest festivals! 
View my friend's, Greg Baird's 
YouTube perspective of 2012 event

August since 1959 in Chicago
While this event occurs over North Avenue Beach the residents of Lake View experience it during their practice runs 
on Thursdays & Fridays before the show
 2014 photo - abc7chicago
Michael S Lyons via Pictures of Chicago-Facebook 2017
2016 photo - DNAinfo 
turning around with a view of Belmont Harbor
below by Michael S Lyons via Pictures of Chicago-Facebook
& more views from Curbed Chicago 
2002 photos
by Bruce Uruh from the Belmont Harbor area
since 2013
Art Walk
since 2006
2022 route map below
 Yes, it's in September! 
since 1988
their Facebook page in 2016
Lake View's version of Oktoberfest located at one of the oldest Catholic churches in the neighborhood. St. Alphonsus Parish was founded by German immigrants in 1882 and continues to recognize its German roots by celebrating an authentic Oktoberfest every September. Keeping with tradition, festival-goers can expect to experience homemade bratwurst, the “oom-pah” of German bands, the music of top area headliner bands, activities for kids (“Kinderfest”), and of course lots of great beer! The festival is held outdoors in a beer garden fashion under a ‘big-top’ tent. Thousands from Chicago of all ages attend and raise their stein to toast this German event. As of 2013 the new location was at Southport between Lincoln Avenue and George Street instead of tradition Oakdale. Find it on Facebook!
their Facebook page
2016 & 2021
Lake View East 
September since 2004
*I volunteered for a few years*
 photo - East Lake View Chamber of Commerce
photo - East Lake View Chamber of Commerce
This festival showcases more than 150 chamber approved 
(qualification by merit) artists featuring world class original paintings, sculpture, photography, furniture, jewelry and more. Artists in almost every medium will be represented including photography, printmaking, mixed media, ceramics, clay, collage, fiber, glass, sculpture, furniture and more. Unique and original artwork is on sale in all price ranges. In addition to the art on sale, the Festival features live demonstrations and entertainment stages where some of Chicago’s favorite musicians play throughout the weekend. Sculpture artist Lucy Slivnski typically contribute her designs to the Chirsty Webber urban garden. The festival also hosts children’s entertainment featuring puppet shows, interactive arts and crafts and activities to foster an appreciation of fine art in the youngest participant. 
prepping the streetscape
2012 photos - Garry Albrecht
The Venue 
in 2023
'You are the Parade'
Labor Day & Memorial Day 
since 1963
The first parade
photo - WOOGMS Facebook page
... and a 1972 article about this event

Back in 1963 Al Weisman's neighbor on Oakdale Avenue gave him one as a gift, and he was faced with a decision: He could just hang it out a window, or he could hold it up and march around the neighborhood with local children. So he rounded up less than 10 neighborhood kids, including his son Tony. A girl who played violin strummed the only song she knew, the Israeli national anthem "Hatikva." - DNAinfo 2013

 above photos from their Facebook page
below 2017 group photo - Matthew Nickerson
The was to be the last year of the parade was in 2017
At the 'Wellington-Oakdale Old Glory Marching Society Memorial/Labor Day Parade' everybody marches from grandparents to school kids. The event began when a resident named Al Weisman grabbed a flag in 1963 and led some neighborhood kids around the block.The grass-root parade begins at the corner of Pine Grove and Wellington Avenues, then moves south on Sheridan Road and winds up at St. Joseph`s Hospital about 30 minutes later for an after parade entertainment. The main attraction of the parade is a chance for folks to come out of hibernation and see the neighbors. In 2012 the parade featured the Jesse White Drum Corps and the Jesse White Tumblers. In 2013 Alderman Tom Tunney entered a resolution to the city council celebrating its' 50th year. 
But Wait Its' Back by Popular Demand 2017
The Parade Went Virtual in 2020
Like many gatherings in 2020 events like this one were either cancelled or went virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic
a video below
 OUT at Wrigley

since 2001
The nation's largest annual LGBTQ+ sporting event
Kids Bike Ride
since 2023
Graceland West Fest
 October since 1994

 2009 - TimeOut Chicago
 2010 - Metromix
2010 -

2013 - 3 photos Garry Albrecht
along with other photos when I volunteered 
at the registration tent at end of this post
2013 - DNA info
The Year the Cubs Won 
the World Series 2016
The WIN symbol drapes from the Roscoe Tavern building 


 a sign in Sidetrack on Halsted

 in Sidetrack on Halsted
presenting the awards for the most best custom
above images - Garry Albrecht
This parade on Halsted Avenue was established in 1996. It has grown from a gay-bar street event to a all inclusive Lake View and Chicago event for all adults, children, and their decorated pets. One year a small black dog was dressed in a spider suite. It looked totally real in the dark and from distance. Winners of the costume contest for kids and pets are announced immediately after the parade, followed by adult, group, and pet owners contestant winners. The event is sponsored by Northalsted Business Alliance, in conjunction with Triangle Neighbors Association, a member of the Lake View Citizens Council. 
The bar staff along Halsted Street get into the act as well
Here is James at Sidetracks 2014
Some Scary Characters in 2019
photography by MB Mace
video with snips - Chicago's Special Events Management
Running down Southport Avenue from Belmont Avenue to Irving Park Road, the annual trick-or-treat event is scheduled this year for Sunday, Oct. 28 from 1-4 p.m. Between the buckets of candy, bounce houses, pumpkin patches, face painting, and more, the event draws a outrageously massive crowd. “It’s really fun, and we’ve been doing it for a long time,” said Executive Director at the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, Heather Way. “It’s wildly popular. There are thousands of children. Last year it was a pretty nasty day out, something like 50 degrees and raining. I still had some merchants who went through almost 2,000 pieces of candy in 90 minutes.” The pumpkin party features, games, activities and pumpkin decorating. Smarty Pants and the Lovely Miss Dena will be on hand creating amazing balloon creations and spooky face painting designs.
Lakeview East will be hosting their Little Monsters Crawl on October 31st from 11:30am to 1:30 PM! Stop by over 70 Lakeview Businesses to trick or treat and support local! Many places have treats for adults as well, including coupons, food samples, and much more! Click on any of the ghost icons below to see what kind of goodies are hiding at each location!
highlights businesses along Montrose and Ravenswood
since 2001
Begins in the community of East Ravenswood within the neighborhood of Lake View north to Uptown
When Judith Roth (President of Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art) sought to involve her community in the celebration of Chicago Artists Month. Judith went door-to-door speaking with artists and asking them if they would open their studios for a day to the public and called the Ravenswood Art Walk. Over the years it has grown into what it is today, an exciting community event featuring over 150 artists and highlighting the wonderful talents and diversity of the Ravenswood Corridor. They, of course, have a Facebook page.
2017 photos below
since 1978
a city event through Lake View's DeSable Lake Shore Drive
 December since 2011
anything goes for charity!
December since 2014

Twelve Bars of Christmas
December since 1996
Popularly known as TBOX, which stands for Twelve Bars of Xmas, is an annual pub crawl Police estimated 30,000 participants descended upon this North Side neighborhood for the annual Twelve Bars of Christmas, or TBOX, pub crawl, involving more than 50 establishments. Organizer Festa Parties said 18,500 people registered, but "thousands" stayed away due to the weather. The event was highly anticipated by bar-goers, judging by social media posts, and greeted apprehensively by business owners, who took the brunt of mayhem brought on by the 40,000 partiers who attended last year's event. Saturday's below-freezing temperatures didn't dissuade TBOX bar hoppers, whose costumes ranged from the traditional Santa to sexy snowmen to Macaulay Culkin's character from "Home Alone." - DNA info 2013
Stops 2,3,&4 are shops within the Community of Lake View on Ravenswood Avenue
Wrigleyville Lanturn Parade
est 2023
Outdoor Events:
such as 
Live Lakeview
an all summer event
*apparently discontinued*

a monthly affair
photo - Lake View East Chamber of Commerce
This neighborhood bike ride happens on mostly every Sunday - even in the winter months at 10am for about an hours worth. This event starts at Seminary and Waveland Avenues next to Wrigley Field with a post-ride gathering at a new or popular destination. 
A November ride in 2012
This a free hour-long neighborhood social ride is organized by the Lake View Citizens Council. Helmets are required and be sure to bring a lock so you can join us for social time afterward. This social ride is traditional on the second Sunday of every month. The rides are geared toward all of our neighbors so bring your kids and your grandparents for that matter! Local elected officials and neighborhood police are also invited to join every month.
Lake View Chamber of Commerce photo Feb. 2011 below
No City-Wide Planning
established in 2020
photos - Ben Sussman
this photo - Yelp
once just only held in Butler Field 
in Grant Park 
the popularity spread into the neighborhoods
Dates and show times at Belmont Harbor
06/14/11 8:45 PM Movies in the Parks Movies in the Parks - North By Northwest 
06/21/11 9:00 PM Movies in the Parks Movies in the Parks - Dirty Dancing 
06/28/11 9:00 PM Movies in the Parks Movies in the Parks - The Greatest Show on Earth

June 13 at Belmont Harbor
3600 Recreation Drive
 July 27 Kelly Playlot
at 3800 N Seminary
August 1 Belmont Harbor 
at 3550 Recreation Drive
August 4 Gill Park 
at 825 W Sheridan Road
August 26 Margaret Donahue Park 
at 1230 W School
Belmont Harbor
at 3200 N Lake Shore Drive
That year there were four movies shown; 
three at Belmont Harbor and one at Gill Park
June 10th at Belmont Harbor
June 29 at 
Belmont Harbor
  *two movies that day*
July 12 
at Gill Park
August 12 
at Belmont Harbor
Social Distance Please!

My Personal Experience:
The Halloween Parade 2013
   I volunteered to participate in the 2013 parade after experiencing the event either along the sidelines along the route or seating at Side Track watching it from video monitors with a 'tall one' on hand. That year I wanted to experience it first-hand. That year prizes were given after the parade for different categorizes. Below are pictures of the event from a volunteer perspective.
the poster for that year
    All photos were taken my me, Garry Albrecht
 all is still quiet

 early arrivals for registration

The registration tent with categories
 The crowds await!
the band arrives
registration begins with earnest
the tent crew 

 The Parade Begins

The Winners 
per Category

*All these Events mentioned in this post were cancelled 
in 2020 & 2021
due to the Covid-19 Pandemic*

 Post Note: 
published in 2024

Follow me to my next post called

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These posts are exclusively used for educational purposes. I do not wish to gain monetary profit from this blog nor should anyone else without permission for the original source - thanks!