April 19, 2011

Recording Changes by the UIC

This is a collection of random images from the University of
Illinois-Chicago's Image Collections. This collection highlights changes in building developments that according to the university collection biography section changed the then existing landscape of neighborhoods. This UIC collection draws it photograghy from the James S. Parker Collection. This collection comprises of over one million negatives and prints about Chicago's 'built environment' from the 1930's to 1970's.
My scope of research for this post was from the lakefront to Ravenswood Avenue, Montrose to Diversey Parkway. 
My methodology of gathering these photo negatives was based on a keyword like a street name and/or subject matter related to our Community of Lake View. I added the more current view from Google Maps as of 2021. 
To find a yester-year look at the top left corner of your Google Map screen and look for a small black image from this sample below.
After you found the black image on the top left 
find the clock within it
Click on the clock within the black space and you will find years from 2009 to the present like the sample below. Move the white circle to the year you want and double click on the photo within. Your entire window screen will change to the year you pick. If you wish to travel along a street move your cursor to the 
circular arrow any direction you prefer.
Let's Begin ...
1748 W Diversey Parkway
2014 Google View
'Milton Schwartz was a modernist Chicago architect best known for later buildings like the Hotel 71 (formerly the Executive House) on Wacker Drive and the now-demolished Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. But as a young man—just 29 years old—he created one of Chicago’s slickest modernist buildings, 320 W. Oakdale. Schwartz was the builder on a somewhat conventional building across the street. But for this project, completed in 1954, Schwartz served as both the builder and the architect. A striking new structure was the result. Set atop a set of black pillars and a glass-box ground-level lobby, the stack of rectangular, concrete-ribbed floors seemed to float above the street. Schwartz divided the top floor, the 21st between two penthouses, one facing for himself and his wife, Audrey; and the other for his in-laws for they never moved in' according to Real Estate. The only duplex in the building - one half on the 20th floor and the other on the 21st floor became marketable in in 2017 after 61 years with the same owner according to Crib Chatter.
Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital
836 W Wellington Avenue
Building #6 Construction Photos
image 1
2016 Google View
just north of Addison Street
This location is currently part of Gallager Way Park
 that is adjacent to Wrigley Field
before the Belmont L Overpass
image 2
image 3
506 W Belmont Avenue
front yard view & 
backyard view
An Evolution at this Corner
1754 W Addison Avenue
image 1
2019 Google view
image 2 

A new development
on this corner planned 
in 2022
the pre-demo view 
X marks the ghost sign building story next
But First
Ghost Signs Discovered
X marks the spot of the ghost sign building
from this 1950 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
The New Owner
photos from Twitter

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