April 25, 2011

Events @ Wrigley

Non-Baseball Events
There are two other related posts on the subject of this ballpark called Wrigleyville Renewal that is a continuation of the history of the ballpark from 2014 the year the renovations of the ballpark and surrounding area began in earnest and the post called 
Wrigley Field: First 100 which is the history of this baseball field 
from 1914 to 2014
Let's Begin with ...
for Irish Independence in 1919
at Weeghman Park
Came "the night of July 19, 1919 when the Irish freedom fighter Eamon deValera (above) addressed a throng of forty thousand supporters (patron attendance in park at the time was only 18k).  
This was his first tour of the United States to win support for the controversial treaty partitioning Ireland between the 
Free State (of Ireland) and the British-occupied Ulster (Northern Ireland)." - from the book called Hidden History of Ravenswood and Lake View by Patrick Bulter. He received a thirty-minute standing ovation from 25,000 people in Chicago’s Wrigley Field.  Eamon deValera three years later declared the entire island of his homeland free & independent from the British Empire ...
with a return to Chicago 20 years later.
Snow & Ski at Wrigley in 1944
 Ski jumping at Wrigley Field in 1944 - Calumet 412
 (click this article for an enlargement)
The Boxing & Wrestling Events
Boxer Mike Hirsch, J. Anderson, and Tom Faxion
sometime in the 1920's according to 
from Vintage Wrigley Field/Chicago Tribune

Jim Londos vs. Ed "Strangler" Lewis at Wrigley Field on Sept. 20, 1934. Lewis wrestled Jim Londos in front of an audience of 35,275 at Wrigley Field, drawing a record gate of $96,302, which would stand until 1952
via Vintage Wrigley Field/Chicago Tribune
Rocky at Wrigley 1947

and Jack Dempsey, June 21, 1950 at Wrigley Field 
from Lou Di Lacova Forgotten Chicago-Facebook
and then again in 1956

A Title Fight in 1952

The Rodeo & Circus Venues

1944 rodeo program book

in 1946 ...
and 1951 photo below - Calumet 412
Yep! A Wrigley Car Dealership in 1950

1948 Political Rally
part of my collection
Sport Illustrated Party in 1979
Blue Angels Flyover
at Wrigley Field in 1998
a video
Hockey Played in 2009

photos from Ebay
photos -  Greg Siewart Original Chicago-Facebook
The field was iced-up in 2009 for the NHL Winter Classic
That same year the new owners of the park created a
ice rink along Sheffield Avenue. 

The removal of the football signage turf after the game
The Gay Games 
The Gay Olympics first established in New York City in 1994. Chicago featured this worldwide event in 2006 with the opening ceremonies at Wrigley Field.
Cyndi Lauper song the national anthem at the opener
Those Concerts at Wrigley Field:

 aerial view of the stage area
computer wallpaper image via Chicago Cubs
2011 pre-show photo - Marathon Pundit Blogger
2013 photo- Pearl Jam Community
2014 show photo - Gold Coast Tickets
A seating chart for the concerts
below a poster - Ebay
The Timeline of Concerts:
1984 - to present
The First Concert 1984
Chuck Berry & Sha-Na-Na
a NBC photo of Chuck Berry in 1984
and a photo of 
Sha-Na-Na in 1984 via Highlight Hollywood
1984 text below from Wrigley Field: Year by Year
by Sam Pathy
 Jimmy Buffet in 2005
photo - www.meenkyole.com
photo - Cubs.com
The Police in 2006
 photo - Evil Vince Photography

 photo - Evil Vince Photography
along with Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland 
along with a view of the concert from the ground level. 
View more photos by the photographer.
 Elton John & Billy Joel in 2009
above photo - Only Half Crazy 
with a video
below photo - Vivid Seats
Dave Matthews Band in 2010

along with this video from YouTube
 Sir Paul McCartney in 2011
pre-show seating
... also in 2011
 image - All Music
photo - buffettfan.blogspot
below photo - Daily Herald
The Concerts in 2012:
 Brad Paisley 

 Bruce Springsteen 
 photo Flickr via swimfinfan
Roger Waters
The Concerts in 2013:
 Jason Aldean 
along with Kelly Clarkson & Jake Owen
above photos from Boot
photo - Metro Mix
photo - Edward Photography Studios

 Pearl Jam 
all photos - Spin News

and with Ernie Banks
The Concerts in 2015:
Billy Joel 
with some assistance

 Crowds heading toward the concert area
photo - Mike Barnes
 photos by Jim O'Connell via Pictures of Chicago-Facebook

 photos - Chicago Tribune
This concert was a bit loud
Concerts Expand in 2016 along with some Issues
'[Alderman] Tunney expressed dissatisfaction with this year's increase in concerts at Wrigley Field. As opposed to four shows - the limit imposed during a trial period of allowing the club to book concerts without neighborhood approval - this year, Wrigley Field will have five acts perform seven concerts between June 25 and Aug. 27' according to DNAinfo.
Concerts in 2016:
 A general buyer be aware article for all concerts
images - Live Phish

photo - Antiquiet
ticket prices for the Phish concert
image below - MLB
James Taylor
2016 photos - Chicago Tribune
ticket prices for the Taylor concert

image - MLB
photo - Chicago Tribune
photo - Murphy's Bleachers
photo - Ebay
Luke Bryan
The Line-up in 2017

Concerts in 2018

The Rules of the Road during Concerts

Concerts 2019
(no information was collected, my error)

All Concerts were Cancelled in 2020 
but Replanned for 2021
the Covid 19 pandemic was the cause in 2020
images- Chicago Cubs.com
2021 Information by Block Club Chicago

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