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Worship: Presbyterian

These Houses of Worship were either constructed in the the Township of Lake View (1857-87), the City of Lake View 
(1887-89), or the District of Lake View (1889-1930)
Lake View Presbyterian Church
716 W Addison Street
1915 photo - Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection
After the 2004 renovation
Pinterest contributor Brian Paulsone
 photo - Lake View Patch 2012
photo - Lake View Patch 2012 
photo - Lake View Patch 2012
The Lake View Presbyterian Church congregation began in 1884 as an alternative to the churches in Chicago and Township of Evanston, which were difficult to reach in bad weather.  After meeting in tents and other makeshift facilities for four years, the congregation built the church in 1888 at the cost of $14,257 at the corner of Evanston (Broadway) and Addison Avenues. The photograph image below is embedded within the wall Belmont Bridge Underpass. 
1911 photo - Art Institute of Chicago 
The Parish House built in 1911
1911 photos - Art Institute of Chicago
The building is well known due to the partnership between Daniel Burnham and John  Root who designed some of Chicago's most famous commercial buildings, such as the Rookery and the Monadnock building.
page - East Lake View by Matthew Nickerson
One aspect of the church is distinctly different from much of Root's work which is the dark wood frame known as
'shingle-style'. Typically, Root used brick, steel, terra cotta & other sturdier materials, said Pauline Saliga, executive director of the Chicago-based Society of Architectural Historians. Renovation of this 'cornerstone of the community' started in 2004. Of the $1.23 million cost, $500,000 was donated by the Presbytery congregations and the rest was raised through secular (private) donations. During the renovation workers found the original cedar shingles underneath with white shingles.  A paint historian helped them determine the shingles' exact color. This time, the church was insulated and fireproofed with sheathing underneath the shingles. Most of the complete renovation was completed by 2007.

Article from a newsletter from Ravenswood-Lake View Historical Association by Peter Buol
The Final Product
And after a January snow
by David Collins
Their former High School
(closed 2017)
This congregation supports a private high school called
Lake View Academy since 1972. Read more about this alternate high school either on their website or Facebook.
Endeavor Presbyterian Church
District of Lake View
Chicago History in Postcards - 1918
This congregation was founded as Gross Park Presbyterian Church in 1891; currently called Cornelia Avenue Baptist Church. The building above was constructed in 1905.
Temperance Rally Gather at the Church 
that lists nine other churches in the area
Ravenswood Presbyterian Church
District of Lake View
photo - Ebay
apparently the bell tower was added at a later date
photo - Flickr
The Ravenswood Presbyterian Church was organized in 1902. Services were held in 'Library Hall' at the corner of Hermitage and Montrose, until a chapel was built on Cullom & Hermitage in 1907. The chimes for the organ in the 1915 building were given by the Deagan Company located a few blocks away on Ravenswood East Avenue. 
1928 Sanborn Fire Map vs 
the 1950 Sanborn Fire Map below

photos - Art Institute of Chicago
The Fifth United Presbyterian  Church
est. 1893 - District of Lake View
known currently as
The Northside Church of the Nazarene
the first church as same location 
1894 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

1907 postcard - Chicago History in Postcards
1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 

 both photos - Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection

Temperance Campaign in 1907

The Congregants
photos - Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection

 image - The Congregationalist and Christian World 1903
 postcard - Ebay
Fullerton Avenue Presbyterian Church
known currently as
  Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church
600 W Fullerton Parkway
Township of Lake View
original address was 670 W Fullerton Avenue
image - Art Institute of Chicago
image - Lincoln Park by Melaine Apel 
1887 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
X marks the spot
100 years old in 1964

1907 postcard - Ebay
Known today as the Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church . This house of worship was a popular town-hall meeting place for citizens of the City of Lake View prior to the city annexation to the City of Chicago in 1889. The original building was located at Halsted and Fullerton Avenues and built in 1864. According to a Chicago Daily News article the church had a congregation population of 190 by 1867.
1923 Sanborn Fire Map highlights the property 
2000 photo - De Paul University Digital Collection
photo - Chicago Sojourn
photo - Chicago Sojourn
photo - Chicago Sojourn
The church building of Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church was built in 1888 as the second edifice of the Fullerton Avenue Presbyterian Church which had been founded in 1864. In 1932, the Fullerton Avenue Church merged with the Covenant Presbyterian Church. 
District of Lake View 
and currently
Neighborhood of Buena Park/Community of Uptown
once located the corner of Sheridan Road & Broadway
the original church
postcard - Ebay
Evanston Avenue=Broadway
probably built shortly after congregation was formed in 1905
The first church is a memorial to one of the landowners of the Township/City of Lake View


his building stood from 1922-1996
photo - Jamie Prata via Forgotten Chicago Discussion Group
a 1946 interior view below - Chicago Public Library
Sanborn Fire Map location 1928
Church becomes a haven for the homeless 1989
 postcard - Ebay
Its Final Days 1996
photo - Chicagogeek via Flickr

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This pdf from the Presbyterian Office has listing of all Chicagoland churches ending in 1994. Also, this post is part of a 7 part series of blog posts about 'Houses of Worship' according to faith. Most Houses of Worship have attached schools on their private property that I may or may not be highlight in any of these posts. These following posts only briefly narrate a particular institution and 'pray' I did not forget any of one them.

The following are a complete list of posts related to 

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Read the earliest accounts of the churches of old Lake View 1884 from historian Theodore Andreas that is not covered in this series of posts about the 'Houses of Worship' from page 722.

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